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Preparing for Cosmetic Surgery

At Bella Vou we are well known for offering many cosmetic treatments under Local Anaesthetic. In fact this is what our lead surgeon, Mr Amir Nakhdjevani, is renowned for after pioneering his Concept Facelift. We get many enquiries from patients looking for cosmetic surgery with minimal downtime so they can socialise shortly afterwards without having to worry about drains or bandages.

Whilst our cosmetic procedures have the convenience patients look for, the worry of being awake throughout the surgery can sometimes be slightly daunting! It shouldn’t be though as our A Team of staff are always there for all of our clients to help them feel at ease and to make sure all questions are answered prior to surgery. We also offer a 24/7 VIP service when it comes to aftercare and follow up advice.

So how would you prepare for your cosmetic surgery?

Below are some tips that can make your journey easier:

Ask questions

One of the biggest things you can do to keep anxiety levels at bay, when heading towards surgery, is to ask your surgeon questions. When you come in for a consultation, at Bella Vou, you will meet with the surgeon and discuss your desired results. The surgeon will explain the whole procedure along with any risks the surgery may carry and make sure you are fully informed. Afterwards, one of our Patient Coordinators will explain what to expect on the day of surgery and answer any questions you may have forgotten to ask. Our staff are on hand via phone and email following your consultation right through to your follow up after surgery, so don’t ever feel like you cannot find a way of communicating with us – Patient wellbeing is our main focus.

Take time out to reflect

Before embarking on booking your procedure, take at least a couple of days to think about exactly what you want and what you would like to achieve with your chosen surgery. Also take a look at reviews from real patients on our Realself Page or the patient stories on our website.

Have a good night’s sleep

In preparation for your surgery ensure you get a good night’s sleep. We understand you may be anxious so getting to sleep and staying asleep may be difficult – this is one of the main factors of inducing stress and worry. Try keeping busy during the evening and perhaps have an early night if you think you may struggle to stay asleep throughout the night. Lavender spray on the pillow can induce a nice deep sleep as can warm milk just before your head hits the pillow. Avoid watching tv in bed and try not to look at your phone or computer for at least an hour before you go to bed. Taking a warm bath with lavender oil can be a great relaxer.

The day of surgery

This is the day where you may come to the clinic feeling overwhelmed and scared of the unknown, this is perfectly normal. Have a big breakfast and if you are travelling by train or car, just try to relax and not think about your impending surgery. If you live a fair distance away, why not take some of the stress out of the day – many of our patients stay in one of our recommended hotels nearby to avoid a long journey.

When you arrive at the clinic you will be offered refreshments and have a chance to chill and speak with the Bella Vou team. You will have mini consultation with the surgeon who will make sure you are ready to go into theatre. He can also answer any further questions you may have.

During Surgery

During your surgery the radio will be on, however, if you would rather have no background noise we can accommodate this for you. The surgeon and theatre staff will be on hand throughout to give you words of encouragement and keep you calm. With local anaesthetic procedures you will be awake but don’t let this put you off. The time will fly by and the majority of our patients come out of theatre happy, saying it wasn’t half as bad as they had thought!

After surgery

After surgery we encourage you to stay and have refreshments for a little while, although you can leave straight afterwards should you wish to. One of our patient coordinators will go through the aftercare advice and ensure you are happy. Our surgeon will also come and see you to make sure everything is okay and that you are ready leave for rest and relaxation. When you do arrive back home have another good meal and take time to look through your aftercare bag. We will be on hand 24/7 if you need us to help with any concerns regarding your healing. You will have your follow up appointment booked for 1 week after surgery and our aftercare will continue after this. We like to see our patients at 1 month and 3 months to ensure you are healing well and that you are happy with your results. We love seeing patients who have had surgery 6 months and even 1 year down the line as your patient journey never really ends. You are part of the Bella Vou family and we will always care for you like we did when you first came into the clinic!

So although deciding to have Plastic surgery can be a huge decision, the journey should be plain sailing.

We offer many cosmetic surgery procedures under local anaesthetic including, Concept Facelift, Eyelid Surgery, Labia Reduction, Scrotal Uplift and Areola Reduction to name but a few.

If you have any questions or you would like to book a consultation please email us or call one of the team on 01892 257 357.

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