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The Valentines Day Guide to Lingerie Shopping after Breast Augmentation

For many women, a new cleavage is the recognition of a lifelong dream, but having a voluptuous, more feminine body also means that the patient has to accept a new body image and shop accordingly.

So you’ve had a breast augmentation and are absolutely loving your new bust line. Whether you’ve only gone up one size or really jumped in and had a significant change in breast size you are probably thinking about when can you go crazy and buy a whole new wardrobe full of bras?! Wait…… as much as you are probably dying to go into a Victoria’s Secret store, you still have to go through the healing process and your new boobs need time to settle down and get used to your body, just like your body needs time getting used to the implants.

Shopping cannot be done right after the surgery, as patients typically experience post-operative swelling for four to six weeks, and the breasts must “drop” into their final position during the first few months after augmentation. Once the swelling is gone, a woman can start the process of updating her wardrobe to match her new figure. Not only are your new breasts larger, but implants can make some lingerie fit a bit differently.

These bra shopping tips will help you find the perfect bra fit after breast augmentation.

Healing takes time; don’t rush
It takes between 4-6 weeks to fully heal after breast surgery. Don’t rush to the nearest shop to get a new bra. The board certified plastic surgeons at Bella Vou, recommend waiting at least six weeks before making the transition into a regular bra as this gives the implants time to settle. Wearing a regular bra too soon can irritate sensitive tissue and prevent the breasts from healing properly.

It all starts with a little support
After your breast augmentation you will find yourself more comfortable in a soft cup sports bra which will provide that little bit of extra support to aid the healing process. Rushing into an underwired, more traditional bra can keep your implants from settling properly. The team at Bella Vou will monitor your healing and let you know when they feel it is best for you to wear an underwired bra.

Get fitted by a professional
It has been proven that the majority of women in the UK are wearing the wrong sized bras. This can lead to health problems including back pain if you are not getting the correct support. One of the most important things you can do after breast surgery is to get fitted by an expert. This is usually offered as a complimentary service at most lingerie stores. Breasts with implants have a slightly different shape and feel than natural breasts. A professional fitting will help you to discover which bras fit your new breasts and can save you a lot of time in the dressing room. Also learning about different bra types, styles, and trends can help you find a bra you’ll love.

Go with a friend
Bra shopping can be a daunting and time consuming process after surgery so why not go through it with a friend! Have fun trying on different styles and materials. Your friend will be an invaluable resource providing honesty and moral support.

Try different styles
Breasts with implants are shaped differently than natural breasts. Rather than sticking with the tried and tested bra favourites you had before surgery, try a bit of everything. You may be surprised at how well a new bra style fits. You have new breasts; don’t choose the same old bra.

So what are you afraid of? Grab your friend and head off into the bra filled sunset with your new boobs!

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