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Areola Reduction

Surgery to reduce the size of the areola and improve
the proportions and appearance of the breast

Areola Reduction

Surgery to reduce the size of the areola and improve the proportions and appearance of the breast

Before and after

Anon before Areola Reduction surgery at Bella Vou Anon after Areola Reduction surgery at Bella Vou

Would definitely recommend to friends and family .. the staff at Bella vou are lovely kind and caring and are there for you every step of the way which really reassured me and made me feel at ease 🙂





Enlarged or misshapen areolas

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Local anaesthetic

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40-60 minutes

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Hospital stay


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2 days


If your breasts are affecting your body image and self-esteem,
the expert cosmetic surgeons at Bella Vou can help.


If your breasts are affecting your body image and self-esteem, the expert cosmetic surgeons at Bella Vou can help.


Areola Reduction is surgery to reduce the size and change the shape of the areola, which is the brown or pink pigmented area around the nipples.

What is the areola?

The areola is the flat pigmented area surrounding the nipple. It is pigmented and usually pink or brown in colour, although it typically becomes darker during pregnancy.

What’s the ideal size for the areola?

The right areola for you depends on the width and size of your breasts, as well as on the nipple diameter. The surgeons at Bella Vou will carefully examine and measure your breasts, discuss your preferences, and show you images of surgical results before deciding an individual treatment plan so that you get the results you want.

What is the best surgery for my breasts?

There are several methods of carrying out Areola Reduction. Our surgeons will determine the best procedure based on your breasts and your concerns.

The most common procedure is performed with an incision around the outer part of the areola, a circumareolar excision. A doughnut-shaped portion of skin is removed, as is described in the Bella Vou Areola Reduction patient journey.

Alternatively, the scar can be placed at the base of the nipple. This is hidden in the crease, making it more discreet. However, this approach limits the amount of areola skin that can be removed.

If you need some uplift, a circumareolar mastopexy or Breast Uplift could offer the best results. This involves the areola and the skin below, resulting in a lollipop scar. Your surgeon will examine your breasts, listen to your concerns and preferences, and determine the best procedure to achieve your goals.

Will I lose sensation to my nipples after areola reduction?

There may be a temporary loss of sensation to the nipples. However, it usually returns as any swelling and bruising settle. Nipple sensation is generally derived from multiple sources from within the breast tissues. The Bella Vou surgeons use techniques to remove excess areola skin, without damaging underlying structures. This means that sensation is usually maintained.

There is more risk of nipple sensation changing following Breast Reduction or Breast Uplift. If you have Areola Reduction as part of more extensive breast surgery, your surgeon will take time to answer all your questions and talk you through the risks and benefits of the procedures.

Will the Areola Reduction scars be visible?

All surgery leaves scarring. Our surgeons will do their utmost to ensure the scar is as small and discreet as possible. Plastic surgeons, like the specialists at Bella Vou, are expert in making incisions and suturing in ways that minimises scarring.

Areola scars generally heal and mature well over time. They fade and will not be noticeable. However, if the healed scar is discoloured, Bella Vou offers medical tattooing to camouflage it and blend it with the surrounding skin tone.

Will there be discomfort, bruising, or swelling?

Any surgery involves cutting and manipulating the skin and tissue, which results in swelling and bruising. Following Areola Reduction, the bruising is usually limited to the areola and the surrounding skin, but it can sometimes involve the entire breast.

Don’t worry; people differ in the way they heal. The swelling and bruising will settle over time. If you have any questions or concerns, get in touch with the team at Bella Vou for guidance and support.

Will I be able to breastfeed after Areola Reduction?

Areola reduction shouldn’t affect your ability to breastfeed. The ducts arise from the breast tissue itself. Removal of areola skin should not interfere with the healthy function of the breasts.

However, pregnancy and weight changes can alter the breasts and change the size of the areolas. So, to maintain the final result, it can be better to finish your family before having surgery.

At Bella Vou we provide various payment options meaning you can spread the cost and enjoy a confident outlook at a price you can afford.

Prices start from £2,500

Finance your treatment

We can offer a wide range of incredible finance solutions and payment plans to help you pay for your procedure or treatment, starting from as little as 0% APR!



Step 1. Free, no-obligation consultation

Bella Vou offers every client a free consultation with an expert, accredited cosmetic surgeon. There is no obligation to proceed to treatment. The consultation is an opportunity to discuss any concerns you have with your breasts, and receive an impartial professional opinion about what type of surgery can help you get the breasts you want. Mr Amir Nakhdjevani says:

‘We make sure that we advise people correctly about whether surgery is right for them. We treat everyone as if they were our family. At Bella Vou, we never pressurise people or try to sell procedures. It's always about giving an honest opinion and honest advice.’

Step 2. Meet your surgeon

You will be offered a further appointment with your consultant before proceeding to Areola Reduction. This will give you a chance to find out more about the procedure and to ask any questions you may have.

Step 3. Preparation for Areola Reduction

You’ll be given personal pre-operative advice to reduce your chance of bleeding or infection and support your healthy recovery.

Let your surgeon know if you’re on any medications. You may be asked to stop taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory tablets, which can increase the risk of bleeding and bruising. It's also important to stop smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes before and after surgery because they can affect the healing process.

On the day of your surgery, you’ll be welcomed to Bella Vou, given a gown to wear and escorted to the state-of-the-art operating theatre. As you’ll be awake for your procedure, your surgeon will greet you, explain what will happen, and offer support throughout the operation.

Step 4. What happens during Areola Reduction?

Your Areola Reduction will be performed under local anaesthetic. It is done as a day case procedure, meaning you won’t need to stay in hospital overnight.The surgeon will clean your breasts, and inject local anaesthetic so that the area is numb. You will feel a little movement and pressing, but the procedure will be pain-free.

The type of incision and the specific procedure will depend on the size and shape of your areola and whether extra breast skin needs to be removed. Most commonly, the surgeon will make a circular incision around the edge of the areola so that the scar is discreet and not noticeable. Sometimes the cut is made centrally within the areola or at the base of the nipple.

A ring of the pigmented tissue is excised to reduce the diameter of the areola. The areola can also be reshaped, and the nipple position can be lifted a little. The wound is stitched closed with sutures that are hidden under the skin.

Step 5. Recovery from Areola Reduction

You will usually be able to go home on the day of the procedure. The staff at Bella Vou will offer pain-relief, monitor your recovery, and provide support every step of the way.

Some discomfort and swelling are typical over the first couple of days. Take regular over-the-counter analgesia to control pain. There's little downtime following Areola Reduction. Most people can return to work and normal activities after a few days. The Bella Vou staff are always available if you have any questions or concerns at any time.

After one week, the nurse and wound care specialist will check that you’re well and inspect your scars. However, the Bella Vou team is always available if you have any questions or concerns at any time.


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