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Revision Policy

General Revisions
While our surgeons always strive to achieve the best possible results for our patients, complications can occur (while very rare) is still a possibility with any form of surgery. Our revision policy covers the patient for any complications incidental to our clinical care as well as any corrective surgery that may be required if the outcome we expected you to achieve wasn’t at first realised.

Cosmetic dissatisfaction
This tends to be very rare as our world-class surgeons work hard to understand that the desired outcome you seek prior to surgery is realistic with what is medically possible. During the consultation(s) prior to surgery, the surgeon and the patient will establish what would likely be achievable based on that patient’s unique physiology and their individual needs and desires. This would be termed a ‘desirable outcome’, if that result has not been met, then we would correct that for the patient without further a fee. Herewith a few examples to help you understand where we would offer revision surgery.

  • A breast augmentation patient who has irregularly shaped breasts or whose breasts are not symmetrical in appearance.
  • A patient who undergoes a tummy tuck and liposuction to the flanks, whereas one flank is nicely contoured, the other has a bulge.
  • A facelift patient who develops a pixie-ear deformity after 6 months.

With all such examples, Bella Vou would revise these without costs.

Herewith a few examples to help you understand that would not be covered under our revision policy.

  • A facelift patient declines a recommendation by the surgeon to have liposuction to the neck as part of a face and neck lift procedure to remove some excess volume and to give the best result. Post-surgery, the patient complains that their neck is not as tight as they would have expected. Whilst we can address this concern for the patient, the patient did not take the recommendation of the surgeon previously and now wants the procedure. A charge would be incurred for this additional treatment.
  • A breast patient is advised by her surgeon to have an uplift with augmentation as the patient doesn’t have much breast tissue but the patient only wants the uplift as her budget is tight. Whilst the patient is happy with the appearance of her breasts, she is not happy with the size. A charge would be incurred to separately augment the patients breasts.
  • A tummy tuck patient undergoes a tummy tuck procedure and whilst initially delighted with the result, she then goes on to have further unexpected children or has significant weight gain. The patient is unhappy that her tummy has developed loose skin and is not as flat as it previously was. We can further improve this patient’s appearance but this would incur a fee.

In Summary
It is important to bear in mind that our surgeons agree on a ‘desirable outcome’ with the patient prior to the patient agreeing to any treatment. If the patient is in any way unhappy with the ‘desirable outcome’ put forward by the surgeon, they are under no obligation to proceed with the surgery

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