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Breast augmentation

Enlarge your breasts with Breast Augmentation surgery and increase your body confidence.

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Breast Augmentation Before and After

Breast Augmentation At a Glance

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Small, sagging or shrunken breasts

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General anaesthetic

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1 hour

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Hospital stay

Either a day case or one night stay

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Most women can return to work in 1-3 weeks


Bella Vou provides Breast Augmentation by
expert, accredited cosmetic surgeons.


Bella Vou provides Breast Augmentation by expert, accredited cosmetic surgeons.


Breast Augmentation or Breast Enlargement or Boob Job is surgery to increase the size of the breasts, provide uplift, and correct any asymmetry. It is the most popular cosmetic procedure in the UK and across the world.

Bella Vou provides Breast Augmentation by expert, accredited cosmetic surgeons. A boob job or breast enlargement can lift and restore breasts that have sagged or shrunk following childbirth, enhance the cleavage of women who are unhappy with the size and shape of their breasts, reconstruct breasts following cancer surgery, and boost wellbeing and self-esteem.

The right positioning of the implant will depend on your skin, your breast tissue, and the results you want to achieve. The surgeons at Bella Vou will show you images of women before and after surgery. They can guide you about whether the placement should be under or over the muscle.

Finance your treatment
We can offer a wide range of incredible finance solutions and payment plans to help you pay for your procedure or treatment, starting from as little as 0% APR!
At Bella Vou we provide various payment options meaning you can spread the cost and enjoy a confident outlook at a price you can afford.

Please book a complimentary consultation to discuss your exact requirements with our cosmetic surgeons, but typically prices start as shown below
Procedure Specialists Consultant Specialists
Banana Roll Excision (Local Anaesthetic)
Including all precare, aftercare and Local Anaesthetic
Amir Nakhdjevani
Combo only
Banana Roll Excision (General Anaesthetic)
Including all precare, aftercare and General Anaesthetic
Amir Nakhdjevani
Combo only
Breast Augmentation
Including all precare, aftercare and General Anaesthetic and two compression garments
Amir Nakhdjevani
Breast Capsulectomy & Reimplant
Including all precare, aftercare and General Anaesthetic and two compression garments
Amir Nakhdjevani
Breast Implant Removal
Including all precare, aftercare and General Anaesthetic and two compression garments
Amir Nakhdjevani
Tuberous Breast Correction & Augmentation
Including all precare, aftercare Implants and General Anaesthetic
Amir Nakhdjevani

Breast Augmentation Healing & Scar Progression

Scars are a natural part of the healing process. The goal is to make your scar as small and discreet as possible. It is important to remember that cosmetic surgery scars and healing progression can vary depending on the type of procedure and the individual's healing process.

It is important to follow your surgeon's post-operative instructions carefully and attend all follow-up appointments to ensure the best possible healing and cosmetic results.



Step 1. Free, no-obligation consultation

Bella Vou gives every client a free consultation with an expert, accredited cosmetic surgeon. There is no obligation to proceed to treatment. The consultation is an opportunity to discuss any concerns you have with your breasts, and receive an impartial professional opinion.

The surgeon will discuss your wishes and objectives, then examine your breasts to evaluate the volume, position, skin elasticity, and the proportions of your body. The specialist will determine what is achievable by augmentation in terms of size and shape. They can show you photos of women who have had Breast Augmentation surgery at Bella Vou, and guide you on the implant and procedure that will achieve the breasts you’re looking for.

You can take as much time as you need to decide whether surgery is right for you. Mr Amir Nakhdjevani says:

‘We make sure that we advise people correctly about whether surgery is right for them. We treat everyone as if they were our family. At Bella Vou, we never pressurise people or try to sell procedures. It's always about giving an honest opinion and honest advice.’

Step 2. Meet your surgeon

You will be offered a further appointment with your consultant before proceeding to Breast Augmentation. This will give you a chance to find out more about the procedure, understand the advantages and potential problems of breast enlargement, and to ask any questions you may have.

The specialist surgeon will take your medical history, examine your breasts to check for lumps, and ensure you’re healthy and fit for surgery.

Step 3. Preparation for Breast Augmentation

You’ll be given individual pre-operative advice to reduce your chance of bleeding or infection and support your healthy recovery.

It’s important to let your surgeon know if you’re on any prescription or over-the-counter medications. You may be asked to stop taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory tablets, which can increase the risk of bruising. It’s also important to stop smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes before and after surgery because they can disrupt the healing process.

The Bella Vou team will let you know when to fast in preparation for your general anaesthetic, as soon as they’ve set your operation time.

On the day of your surgery, you’ll be welcomed to Bella Vou, given a gown to wear and escorted to the state-of-the-art operating theatre.

Step 4. What happens during Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation is performed under general anaesthetic. It is often done as a day case. However, you may need to stay in the hospital overnight so that the team can monitor your recovery.

The surgeon will make an incision in the crease under the breast. The positioning ensures the scar is discreet and hidden. The surgeon will insert the chosen implants. They can be placed between the breasts and the pectoral muscle or behind the chest muscle. The surgeon will discuss the options before surgery so that you choose the right placement for your body, and the look you want to achieve.

Your consultant will stitch the incision closed with absorbable sutures that don’t need to be removed. Finally, the wound will be covered with a simple dressing.

Step 5. Recovery from Breast Augmentation

You may need to stay in hospital overnight, or, depending on the time of your operation, you may be able to go home on the day of the procedure. There are no drains or drips. The staff at Bella Vou will offer analgesia, carefully monitor your recovery, and provide support every step of the way.

Some pain, swelling, and bruising are normal following Breast Augmentation surgery. You will be given a soft sports bra to support your breasts, reduce swelling, and keep you comfortable as you heal.

After one week, the nurse and wound care specialist will check your breasts, the scars, and your general wellbeing. The soreness and swelling will gradually settle over 2-3 weeks. After two weeks, you will be able to reintroduce normal activities progressively. However, excess arm movement, exertion, and avoid heavy lifting should be avoided for 4-6 weeks.

At around six weeks, your surgeon will check your progress and ensure that you are healthy and happy with your results. You should be back to your usual routine by this stage. At around three months, the breasts will have softened, and you should be able to see the final results. The Bella Vou staff are always available if you have questions or worries at any time.


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