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Minimally-invasive treatment to smooth
and contour the body


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Loose skin, drooping, stubborn fatty areas

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Local anaesthetic with sedation. General anaesthetic

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Up to an hour, or more depending on the area treated

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Hospital stay


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A week to ten days, longer if combined with other procedures


If you are worried about your body contour or have lax or drooping skin, BodyTite™ is a safe, effective and minimally-invasive alternative to liposuction and body lifts.


If you are worried about your body contour or have lax or drooping skin, BodyTite™ is a safe, effective and minimally-invasive alternative to liposuction and body lifts.

Bodytite Treatment Overview

BodyTite™ is a safe, gentle and effective minimally-invasive procedure to reshape and contour the body. The innovative BodyTite™ device delivers radiofrequency energy to melt fat and tighten the skin. The consultant cosmetic surgeons at Bella Vou use BodyTite™ to shape, smooth and lift the body without using a scalpel.

BodyTite™ uses innovative Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL) technology to gently, safely and effectively heat the sub-dermal tissue, melting fat so that it can be safely removed, and making the skin tighten and contract.

BodyTite™ is a solution for people who want to reduce stubborn, fatty areas without developing saggy, wrinkly skin. BodyTite™ is a revolutionary alternative to traditional liposuction because it also treats skin laxity caused by weight loss or ageing. Bella Vou offers this cutting-edge treatment to firm and contour the arms, chest, knees, thighs, and bottom to provide a smoother, firmer and more youthful body.

BodyTite™ is a minimally-invasive procedure. The doctor inserts the fine probe through small incisions. The surgeons carefully place the scars so that they are discreet and hidden in the skin's natural folds and creases. The procedure usually leaves small marks that heal to be almost invisible.

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Step 1. Free, no-obligation consultation

Bella Vou offers every client a free consultation with an expert, accredited cosmetic surgeon with no obligation to proceed to treatment. The consultation is an opportunity to discuss any concerns you have with your skin and appearance, the results you want to achieve, and whether BodyTite™ can help you reach those goals.

Bella Vou will always give you an honest and impartial professional opinion. Mr Amir Nakhdjevani says:

‘We make sure that we advise people correctly about whether surgery is right for them. We treat everyone as if they were our family. At Bella Vou, we never pressurise people or try to sell procedures. It's always about giving an honest opinion and honest advice.’

Step 2. Preparation for BodyTite™ treatment

Your surgeon may ask you to stop taking some medicines such as aspirin and ibuprofen, to reduce your risk of bruising and bleeding. It’s also important to quit smoking cigarettes and e-cigarettes to help wound healing and reduce the risk of developing complications.

On the day of your BodyTite™ treatment, a member of the Bella Vou team will welcome you to the clinic, give you a gown to wear and escort you to the state-of-the-art operating theatre.

Step 3. What happens during BodyTite™ treatment?

Your surgeon will carefully clean the skin and numb the area using local anaesthetic. They will wait to ensure you are comfortable, and the anaesthetic is effective before starting the procedure.

Your surgeon will make tiny incisions to introduce the BodyTite™ device into the skin. The treatment is bespoke. Your specialist will precisely target the treatment to sculpt your body and address your concerns. The fine cannula probe uses radiofrequency waves to heat the tissues under the skin, liquefy the fat and tighten your skin.

As the tissues get warm, you may notice some popping or crackling sounds, this is normal and is a sign that the treatment is working. Treatment of each target zone takes around fifteen minutes. After this, your doctor will gently remove the liquid fat using suction.

Finally, they will clean the skin and apply small plasters over the incision sites. Stitches are not usually needed.

BodyTite™ offers immediately visible body contouring and skin tightening. It also stimulates natural collagen production, resulting in ongoing rejuvenation for up to a year following treatment.

Step 4. Recovery from BodyTite™ treatment

You will be able to go home on the day of treatment, with no drips or drains. The doctor may prescribe a course of antibiotics or antibiotic cream to prevent any infection.

The Bella Vou team will put on a compression garment to reduce swelling, ease discomfort, and help with healing. You should wear the support day and night until you are reviewed in the clinic. One of the Bella Vou team will give you a call the day after surgery to make sure you're well, have had a comfortable night, and answer any questions.

The area may feel sore, bruised and swollen following the procedure. It is also common to experience a little itching, redness, and skin peeling. Symptoms will gradually settle, and most people can get back to normal, light activities within a week.


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What our clients say

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