Patient Stories

Very few of us have friends or personal acquaintances who have been through cosmetic surgery, so we got in touch with some of previous patients to help you learn from someone else’s perspective.

While everyone’s experiences of cosmetic surgery can be different, especially in terms of pain, recovery and results, it’s often helpful to hear how other patient’s experienced a certain procedure that you may be considering.

Don’t take our word for it!

If you are considering cosmetic surgery / plastic surgery with us, then why not find out about other people’s experiences of cosmetic surgery treatment with Bella Vou. They are real experiences by real people based here in the UK. Each patient’s experience provides an indication of what the cosmetic surgery procedure would involve, from the initial consultation through to their recovery.

Every person has a different reason to have plastic surgery. The Patient Stories below, from past Bella Vou patients, shed light on why they felt cosmetic surgery with Bella Vou was right for them. Our patient stories include experiences of various cosmetic surgery procedures including the Concept™ Facelift, Arm Lift Surgery, Eyelid Surgery, and Tummy Tuck Surgery.

Our team of experienced and board certified cosmetic surgeons are renowned for their exceptional results. Here, we’ve presented just a few of our memorable plastic surgery cases with before and after photos by patients to help tell their cosmetic surgery story from consultation to recovery.

At Bella Vou our goal is to ensure the very best care, service and results for every single one of our patients. The decision to have Cosmetic Surgery is usually a very difficult one for most people, and can be one full of anxiety. For this purpose we have asked past patients to share their stories to inspire others in similar positions to their own.

Patient Stories
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