Leanne, 1 month after her Upper Eyelid Surgery procedure

Leanne's Story

Age 36
Location Essex
Treatment(s) Eyelid Surgery

I feel fabulous and can not recommend the clinic, staff and surgeon enough. Thank you very much Bella Vou for making me feel 10 years younger!

What motivated you to consider Eyelid Surgery?

I am only 36 years old and I am a mother of 5 children. Whilst I am still young, my appearance made me look 10 years older; my eyelids in particular were very saggy and I constantly looked tired even though I don't feel it! I am very active from looking looking after 5​ young​ children​ and playing netball​! I enjoy socialising with friends and keeping fit but​ my really heavy eyelids really got me down and there was nothing I could do about it despite trying everything non-surgical.

Why did you choose Bella Vou?

I did a lot of research and looked at many reviews before I decided to go for a consultation. Bella Vou stood out to me as every review I had read ​from other patients like me were so reasurring. RealSelf was a great help in finding impartial feedback about the experience of others; I wanted to do my homework and to learn from experiences of others rather than just relying on looking at the clinic's website or from reading their litrature, so i made an appointment to see Rohit Seth, one of the surgeons.

When I arrived I instantly felt at ease and the staff were all warm and​ so friendly yet​ ever​ so professional. ​The surgeon spent a lot of time with me, explaining the procedure fully and answering all of my questions. Rohit really took his time; there was no rush and I felt really confident and in very safe hands​.

The patient coordinators also saw me and were with me throughout my journey. The clinic is beautiful and very well presented, the cleanliness is beyond excellent and you feel like a VIP as soon as you walk through the doors! I knew I had definitely made the right decision and I felt no need to see anyone else!

Has it been worth it?

I feel like a new woman! I cannot recommend the clinic, staff and surgeon enough. I look in the mirror now ​and feel so much better about myself. I love my fresh new look!​

It was really just such a small and quick procedure (about 40 minutes), but what a huge difference such a small thing has made. So many people have commented on how well I look but they have no idea that I have had surgery.

Apart from some swelling for the first 3 days, I have had no bruising and within a week I was looking like I never had anything done​, which is exactly what I was after. I wanted my saggy eyelids gone, but I didn’t want to look like I had been under the knife and that is exactly what the surgeon has achieved!

The procedure itself is actually quite enjoyable​. I was a bit nervous before hand, but that was to be expected​. I had ​my upper eyelid procedure under ​just a ​local anaesthetic and ​although I was told it wouldn't hurt I was half prepared to think that this wasn't entirely the case and that i would feel it.

Aside from the initial injection, I actually didn't feel any pain at all. I could feel the surgeon touching my eyelid but there was no pain whatsoever. The experience was surreal, in fact, I really quite enjoyed it. Rohit and Bella Vou's theatre staff were really so lovely, we talked throughout the whole time and then before I knew it, it was over.

I had stitches which were removed after one week and the scar has completely faded into the creases. I ​loved the experience from start to finish, but I love even more having my eyes not looking like they belonged on a 50 year old. The surgeon ​was excellent​ and I am so ​thrilled with ​my results. Thank you very much Bella Vou for ​helping me feel so much better about myself, I am so very very happy!

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