Anna, 4 months after her Concept Facelift procedure

Anna's Story

Location Surrey
Treatment(s) Concept™ Facelift & Neck Lift

The entire experience has been fantastic and I’m over the moon with my results. I feel so much more confident, like a new woman.

What motivated you to consider Concept™ Facelift & Neck Lift?

After much research over many years into various forms of lifts, I was lucky enough to bump into an old friend of mine. She looked amazing and years younger. She confided that she’d recently had a Concept Facelift under local anaesthetic. I was amazed at how subtle the change was and how quickly she had healed with no bruising. It was then after such a high recommendation I contacted Bella Vou without a second thought, ready to organise a consultation with Mr Amir Nakhdjevani.

Why did you choose Bella Vou?

I chose Bella Vou and Amir Nakhdjevani as they came highly recommended via a previous patient and good friend.

What was your experience, in surgery?

I obviously felt apprehensive, but I was soon put at ease by Amir. Every step was explained clearly. The atmosphere was very calm and relaxed. The administration of the local anaesthetic was the only uncomfortable part for me. The actual procedure was a ‘doddle’. I spent most of the time chatting and laughing with Amir and my lovely nurse. I felt confident and secure that I was in good hands.

Has it been worth it?

Yes 100% it has been worth it. I feel like a new woman and would highly recommend to family and friends. The entire experience has been fantastic and I’m over the moon with my results, I feel so much more confident and happy with myself. I would now like to recommend Amir and his amazing team.

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