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Owen’s Story

Hair Transplant

Owen's Story

Age: 18
Treatment(s): Hair transplant

“My bald McDonald's arches are filling in with new hair, and it’s all thanks to Bella Vou!”

Hair Transplant Hair Transplant

Growing up Essex where everyone's trying to look their best, made me really aware of going bald. Since The Only Way Is Essex came onto our TV screens, this has been an even bigger issue for young men like myself.

My mates would say they didn't notice my hair, but I hated it. It affected my confidence. Chatting to people, especially to girls, I'd feel like the old-looking bald guy. I'd think, “I can't have my hair cut like that, like my mates," because I had a high hairline, which looked like the McDonald's M!”.

On windy days I'd wear hats to keep my hair down and I would regularly brush my hair to cover the bald spots so it didn't look so bad.


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