Lip Lift

29th March 2019

The first consultation/appointment went quick as I’ve done my researches before, I’ve already made my mind and didn’t have much questions to ask..

Therefore I’ve asked the be booked with the soonest appointment which was 2 weeks after the consultation.

When I arrived for my appointment I was sent to the waiting room where you can relax have a selection of hot and cold drinks aswell as little biscuits and chocolate..

Then the nurse Lesley took me in a room to have the numbing cream applied and pictures taken (for the before/after).

I was sent back to the waiting room for an other maybe 15min then an other lady Lauren the co- ordinator went through all the paper stuff made me sign the consent forms etc and asked me if I had any questions etc she was very lovely and made me feel comfortable.

I was sent back to the waiting area as the surgeon was running a little late (20min) which wasn’t too bad.

Once in the surgery room Dr Amir asked me what was the ideal size I wanted, after drawing on my upper lip decided to take 6mm away.

The worst part of the procedure was then, the local anaesthetic, the needle itself isn’t the painful one its the liquid spreading inside the gums and the nose that was paiiiiiiinfuuuul!

They gave me some soft ball so I can squiz something lol..that process lasted maybe about 5/10min then everything went absolutely fine. You obviously don’t feel anything as it’s all well numbed but you can smell the burn skin when he cauterizes..

The whole process took about just over hour.

It is only the day after the surgery it’s obviously swollen (my nose more than my upper lip) but definitely not as bad as I thought it’d be, I haven’t got any bruises so far (yet) so lest see in couple of days..

Appointment booked in 7days to have the stitches removed

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