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Breast Augmentation Tips from our Surgeons and Patients

Are you considering Breast Augmentation surgery? At Bella Vou we want to share with you the best advice from our Plastic Surgeons, staff and patients who have had the procedure with our clinic.

We take you on a complete journey, from advice on what to ask your surgeon, how you can get the best outcome from your surgery to tips from previous patients about how to have a comfortable recovery.

Before your Breast Augmentation surgery

Having breast augmentation surgery is a big decision. Make sure that you take the time to consider your options and how the outcome of the procedure will impact on your every day life. Do your research thoroughly on the surgeon performing the procedure and the different implant types. It may also be helpful to talk to someone who has already had the procedure to gain an in depth understanding of their own personal journey.

What age do your breasts stop developing and how would you know what size breast implants opt for?

Choosing your surgeon for Breast Augmentation surgery

Take the time to search for a surgeon that feels right. Make sure that you check out their credentials with the General Medical Council and you shop for a good surgeon and not be influenced by the best price. People often go by recommendation from a friend or relative, but if this is not an option, you could ask the surgeon to put you in touch with a previous patient that they have operated on to talk to directly about their experience.

Patient consulting with surgeon before breast augmentation surgery

Take the time to search for a surgeon that feels right.

At your Breast Augmentation consultation

The most important thing is don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter how trivial they may be. Make a list of questions to go through with the surgeon so that you don’t get side-tracked and forget something that you wanted to ask. Ask the surgeon how many times he has performed the procedure you’re interested in and if he can show you examples of their work. Spend time discussing the size you want to be, but listen to the surgeon’s advice on what is realistic for your body shape and size. Make sure you discuss any health issues you may have and what the possible risks could be from having the procedure.

Don’t be rushed into booking the surgery straight away, go home and take a little time to think about the impact a larger breast size will have on your life and the financial implications of paying for the surgery. If you have agreed on a size you would like to be with the surgeon, maybe buy the bra in that size and fill it. Try it out for the day wearing it under your clothes to give you a more in depth perspective of what life will be like with larger breasts.

Preparing for your Breast Augmentation surgery

Plastic surgery

Now that you have chosen your surgeon and you are booked in to have your breast augmentation procedure what can you do to ensure you’re both physically and mentally prepared for your surgery?

Book the recommended time off work; your surgeon will advise how much time they feel you will need to take off work. During your time off it is advised that you take the time to rest and recuperate as this will have a direct impact on your results. Take this time as an opportunity to become a sofa sloth and catch up on a book or your favourite Netflix TV show.

Be in optimum health prior to your surgery; the better condition your body is in health wise the better the outcome you will have. Your surgeon will advise you, but in the weeks leading up to the breast augmentation procedure try eating healthier and exercising more. Abstain from pollutants like alcohol and smoking. Smoking especially can have a detrimental impact on your health when having a general anaesthetic and also impact the quality of healing of your incision scars. You’ve paid a lot of money for this procedure so it makes sense to want to put the maximum effort in to assist with your outcome.

Have the help in place you may need after your surgery; you will need assistance from family or friends in the recovery time period after your surgery. You will be unable to drive yourself home after surgery some someone to pick you up is vital. The first couple of days can be uncomfortable, but everyone is different. You might want to have someone on hand to help you at all times during the first 2-3 days.

Make sure you have the emergency contact numbers; all surgeons should provide you with aftercare information and a contact number if you have any concerns post surgery. Don’t be afraid to contact them no matter how trivial the query may be. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Previous Patient Breast Augmentation surgery tips and advice

We have noted additional tips that patients have shared with our staff about how they ensured their comfort after having the procedure and we wanted to share them with you.

I brought a small pillow that I would tuck under my seat belt and breasts whilst in the car as it could be quite uncomfortable for the first few days, especially on the way home from the hospital.

After my surgery I knew from a friend that one support bra wouldn’t be enough, so prior to my surgery I went to Primark and bought a few non-wired sports bras in different sizes, so that after my procedure I had different options as the swelling reduced and could swap the them to be washed. I just returned the ones I didn’t use.

Take time in the morning to sit up in bed after laying flat. I had additional pillows at the side of my bed that my partner would use to prop me up one by one and in my own time in the morning as sitting up immediately was too difficult.

Your Breast Augmentation procedure at Bella Vou. Please contact us for more details if you would like to book a complimentary consultation.

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