Breast Augmentation (Mammoplasty)

Breast Augmentation surgery remains the most popular cosmetic procedure in the UK and throughout the world. For women who are concerned about the size or shape of their breasts, breast augmentation surgery can help them achieve the look they want through the use of silicone breast implants.

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Duration 1 - 2 hours
Anaesthesia General
Hospital Stay 1 night
Recovery 1 month
Addresses Concern about size or shape of breasts, small breasts, drooping breasts

Is this right for me?

Only you can truly decide whether this is the right operation for you. This depends upon the way you perceive your own body and the impact that it has on your interaction with other people in your professional and personal life. It is vital that you make a choice which is right for you and that you have space and time to make this choice.

Our surgeons will help you to decide by discussing your wishes and objectives. Through a careful and supportive consultation the specialist will determine what is achievable in terms of size and shape and your general medical health. You will also have a full explanation of the advantages and the potential problems that can be associated with breast enlargement.

It is a well established surgical technique and patients require only a few days 'down-time' after a breast augmentation. If you are a healthy adult, the surgery is a low risk procedure.

What does this involve?

Breast Augmentation surgery involves enhancing the breast volume by positioning an implant between the breast tissue and the rib cage. This fills the breast, pushing it forwards and upwards, hence enhancing the breast size and cleavage. Your surgeon will examine you fully and advise you on the implant options.

The operation is performed under general anaesthetic and therefore will require an overnight stay in hospital. Breast Implants are introduced through a small surgical wound in the breast crease and the procedure takes approximately an hour. We do not use drains. You have a simple dressing over the resultant scar.

Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

We will give you a soft supportive bra for 6 weeks after surgery. You can expect some pain/discomfort in the few days after breast surgery.  You can carry out light activities and light work but should avoid heavy lifting, strenuous work or exercise for atleast 4-6 weeks. There is always some swelling in the tissues and it takes approximately 3 months for breasts to soften and feel normal after surgery. You should avoid exercise for the first two weeks following surgery. You will then build up to your normal routine by 6 weeks.

Breast Augmentation Surgery has made enhancing the shape and size of your breasts easier than ever. Implant technology has improved considerably to provide a natural look and feel and come in a variety of sizes for you to choose from. One of our friendly and experienced cosmetic surgeons will discuss your objectives and help you choose an implant to suit you.

This depends on your age and any family links with breast cancer. Breast surgical procedure themselves do not have any causal link with breast cancer. The accuracy of routine breast screening is slightly affected by various surgical procedures and you must tell your breast service that you have had surgery when you go for screening tests in the future.

Your surgeon will examine your breasts for lumps when you attend for your consultation. If you are over 40 or have other risk factors (family history of breast cancer) you should visit a screening service in advance of having breast surgery.

Once the implant is inserted, your body grows a membrane ('capsule') around the implant. Depending upon the individual way your body responds to the implant, and also to the type of implant used, the capsule can become tough and tight with time. This changes the shape of the implant and the breast. Approximately 20% of implants will develop a significant capsule within 10 years of surgery although the latest types of implant may appear to have much lower rates of capsule contracture. If this happens the implants can be exchanged and the capsule is removed.

If very large implants are chosen for an otherwise small breast this may give a rather rounded and over-augmented look. Patients who start with very small breasts and/or very thin skin in the upper part of the breast may also find that the upper edge of the implant is more apparent. This effect can be offset by placing the implant more deeply by going under the chest wall muscles ('subpectoral', 'submuscular' or 'dual plane' technique). Breasts which have become droopy may require an uplift as well as an implant ('augmentation-mastopexy') in order to achieve a desirable look; using an implant only for this type of breast creates a 'double-bubble' appearance.

Silicone gel is a more natural texture than saline-water and better allows the implant to retain its shape. Breast implants leak and occasionally split over time. Whilst silicone gel is harmless to humans, it remains in the breast or sometimes moves towards the armpit. Saline-water is absorbed if it leaks from the implant.

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Prices start from £6,200 (inclusive of implants and two compression garments).

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