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Surgical and Non-Surgical beauty tips for Eye Rejuvenation

We’re all a little guilty of sticking to our trusted make-up routine throughout the years that we most likely developed in our early 20’s or even late teens, but as we age we’re finding that your go-to look is no longer cutting it and that your eye make-up, once applied is now hidden under your eyelids, it might be time to reconsider your options.

Bella Vou has teamed up with a professional make-up artist to help you find the best solutions for a more youthful look with both surgical and non-surgical options for those not quite ready to go under the surgeon’s knife.

Beauty is in the eyes – are you unhappy with your eyelids?

Are you finding applying your make-up more difficult due to sagging eyelids? You’re not alone. The once perfect winged eyeliner you loved so much is not only difficult to apply, but once you’ve finished, it disappears under the additional sagging skin on your eyelids that seemingly appeared from nowhere. So what are your options?

Non-Surgical option – change up your Eyeliner technique

Is your over liner disappearing under sagging skin or your winged liner drooping instead of soaring? Tight lining your eyeliner is a technique where you apply eyeliner by pushing it up gently in between the eyelashes, giving you a depth of colour and definition to your eyes that is both subtle and will not be hidden by sagging skin.

Additional tip: If you have also seen thread veins and discolouring appear on your eyelid area, try using a specific concealer developed for the eyelids that when applied evens out the skin tone and creates a natural base before applying your eye shadow. You could also try a cream blend eye shadow that is a close match to your own skin colour.

Surgical option – Eyelid Surgery

This can be a more permanent fix if you want to restore your eyes to their former glory and continue with your favourite eye make-up routine you may want to consider the surgical option of Eyelid Surgery. By removing the excess skin it can make a big difference to your eyes, giving you a more youthful appearance.

Don’t forget your eyebrows and eyelashes!

Are you guilty of over plucking your eyebrows to the point that they’re almost non-existent and a poor shape? With the latest trend being big and bushy eyebrows thanks to influencers like super model Cara Delevinge, you could be left furiously pencilling in your brows every morning, hoping it doesn’t rain, you’re not alone as even Kate Moss fell victim to the 90’s trend of plucking your eyebrows into a thin line. Our eyelashes can also become sparser and shorten in length with age. They may also become lighter in colour and you may no longer feel confident leaving the house without mascara on.

With most people aspiring to longer, thicker and darker eyelashes to create that sought after ‘doe eyed’ look, you may find yourself turning to eyelash extensions as an alternative, but being high maintenance and often costly they’re not your only alternative. Below are some suggestions when it comes to restoring your eyelashes and eyebrows to their former glory.

Non-surgical option for eyebrows – Microblading or Semi-Permanent Tattoo makeup

This could be your answer to throwing that brow pencil away for good. Good brows that are done well can take years off your face and make a dramatic appearance to your overall look. A new professionally placed arch within the brows can help the face to appear more lifted.

Both techniques have the same end result using the same dyes, but they are different in their application with Microblading using a small scalpel to finely cut the skin and impregnate the ink into it and semi permanent tattoo make-up up being applied by a tattoo machine, similar to what you see in tattoo salons.

Non-surgical option for eyelashes – Perm and Tint

As we age our eyelashes can become sparse and lose volume. A trick that can make a huge difference, opening your eyes up and making them more doe eyed in appearance would be to get your eyelashes permed and tinted making your eyes appear more open and lashes will appear longer and thicker, however the same effect can be created with an eyelash curler and good quality mascara.

Surgical option for eyebrows and eyelashes – Hair Transplant

Hair transplanting can be used to permanently restore sparse lashes and over plucked brows to their former youthful glory. The procedure is usually performed under a general anaesthetic and hair will be grafted from another part of your own body and transplanted into the desired areas where hair loss has occurred.

Are forehead lines causing you worry? We use our forehead muscles everyday to express emotion. Every time that we furrow our brow we encourage the skin to create lines. Often referred to as ‘worry lines’ they can appear both along the forehead and between the eyes.

Non-surgical option – Cut in a fringe

Once lines set in on the forehead area they can be difficult to camouflage. You could try a wrinkle filler product that is applied to the skin prior to your foundation, but they will give minimal results. If you are feeling brave you might want to consider having a fringe cut into your hair which, depending on how thick it is will cover the entire area.

Non-surgical option – Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Alternatively, Anti-Wrinkle Injections can be used to temporarily, either soften lines depending on how deep they have become or it can also help by preventing the lines from deepening.

Non-surgical option – Dermal Fillers

Some lines will be too deep and may need the additional plumping out with Dermal Fillers. This is most often used for the line that appears between the eyebrows at the top of the nose from constant frowning.

Surgical options – Brow Lift

A Brow Lift surgical procedure can be performed to reposition the brow area. It is often performed alongside eyelid and eye bag removal surgery for optimum results. The procedure can be performed under a local anaesthetic.

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