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Charlotte’s Story


Charlotte's Story

Location: Lives in Kent

Age: 29

Treatment(s): Mummy Makeover: Abdominoplasty with Breast Uplift & Implants

"This has genuinely changed my life. I feel like a completely different person. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and really, I wish I had it done sooner. The whole experience has been amazing!"

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Meet Charlotte, a vibrant 29-year-old mum of three who, eight weeks ago, embarked on a life-changing transformation journey with Bella Vou. 

Motivated by a desire to reclaim confidence after completing her family, Charlotte underwent a Mummy Makeover transformation, which included a breast uplift, implants, and a 360 body-lift. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Amir Sadr and the world-class team at Bella Vou, Charlotte not only restored her pre-baby body but also elevated her self-esteem beyond anything she had ever experienced before. This is her inspiring story:

Like many women after pregnancy and childbirth, Charlotte faced frustrating but common challenges: separated muscles, loose skin, and a persistent overhang—issues resistant to diet and exercise. Amid the hustle of day-to-day life and the demands of motherhood, Charlotte often concealed her tummy and breasts beneath oversized clothing, missing out on the joy of feeling her age and being truly comfortable in her own skin.

"After having 3 children, my confidence was pretty low. My tummy wasn’t the same, my chest wasn’t the same, so I wanted to have this surgery to make myself feel better - to give myself a little more confidence after completing my family."

On a mission to rediscover her authentic self, Charlotte confronted her struggle with self-confidence and began exploring her options. After visiting other plastic surgeries, she found an immediate connection with Dr. Amir Sadr and his team. Following her consultation, she knew she had made the right decision. Alongside her best friend, Jessica (read Jessica’s story here), Charlotte promptly booked surgery, and never looked back.

"When I saw myself for the first time, I couldn’t believe it. I was so emotional and I felt like I was in a dream. I knew all of this was worth it from the minute I saw my body for the first time."

While the initial week of recovery presented its challenges, Charlotte attests that the subsequent weeks were smooth and entirely worthwhile. The Mummy Makeover not only changed Charlotte's life but also instilled in her a newfound sense of self. She now sees herself as a ‘completely different person’, expressing that the surgery was the best decision she has ever made, and she wishes she had done it sooner.

"Bella Vou called me most days, checking on how I was and to see if I needed anything. I had flowers and care packages sent to my house and they were really great at keeping in touch and checking in when I went home."

Charlotte's journey with the Mummy Makeover has empowered her to embrace life with renewed confidence. Excited about the future, she has already booked a holiday and eagerly prepared her collection of bikinis, ready to showcase her new, beautiful body. Separated muscles and loose, overhanging skin are now distant concerns, thanks to the expertly performed 360 Tummy Tuck and  Breast rejuvenation performed by Consultant Plastic Surgeon Amir Sadr. The result is nothing short of incredible, a testament to the life-changing impact of a well-executed Mummy Makeover.

Circumferential Body Lift with Mastopexy and Breast Augmentation

Mastopexy and Breast Augmentation

Circumferential Body Lift with Mastopexy and Breast Augmentation Before Photo Circumferential Body Lift with Mastopexy and Breast Augmentation After Photo

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