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Jessica’s Story


Jessica's Story

Location: Lives in Kent

Age: 31

Treatment(s): Abdominoplasty with 4 Sites Liposuction & Vaser & Renuvion to the Neck

"From the minute I got in touch, I knew this was the clinic where I would have my surgery. The patient care is second to none - they think of every little detail. Everyone just blows you away here. I can’t believe this place is real and that a group of people can be so friendly!"

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Lovely Jessica, a 31-year-old working mother of two, sought enhancements for her neck, jawline, and abdominal area at Bella Vou. Her body had been affected by pregnancy, resulting in separated muscles and loose overhanging skin, which caused her to feel self-conscious. Dr. Amir Nakhdjevani, a master at his craft, worked his magic, performing a beautifully sculpted Tummy Tuck, along with 4 sites of Liposuction to the sides and Vaser & Renuvion to the neck, delivering incredible results for Jessica. Overjoyed with the outcome, Jessica couldn't be happier, and Bella Vou shared in her delight.

"Before the surgery, I had no confidence whatsoever. I wouldn’t be seen dead in a bikini, that’s for sure."

Before the surgery, Jessica felt constrained in her clothing choices and deeply self-conscious about her stomach, causing discomfort in her own body and a lack of confidence. The idea of a tummy tuck had lingered in her mind for a long time, but she had hesitated to pursue it. One evening, while scrolling through TikTok, she came across a video featuring one of the wonderful Bella Vou surgeons, Dr Amir Nakhdjevani. Living just half an hour away from the clinic, Jessica took it as a sign that this could be the place for her surgery. But, it wasn't until she visited the clinic and met with her surgeon and the Bella Vou team that Jessica truly knew she would be in the safest hands. 

From the very beginning of her journey, Jessica felt a strong connection to Bella Vou. The patient care she experienced, from her initial inquiry to her post-surgery recovery four weeks later, surpassed her expectations. The kindness and attention to detail from the staff amazed her, leaving her wondering if this place and its people were even real. The standout moment for Jessica was when she woke up after the surgery. Feeling a bit disoriented, she noticed a covered mirror nearby. The team at Bella Vou had made a special effort to share the experience of seeing her transformed body for the first time, reaffirming that she was not alone on this journey.

"I am so happy with the results. I feel amazing. I have booked holidays for the next two months which I wouldn’t have really thought about. I’m wearing crop tops for the first time in my life. I just feel amazing. It’s a new lease of life. I look and feel younger than ever. It’s amazing."

The results of the surgery left Jessica ecstatic. She felt incredible and confident, embracing a newfound sense of freedom. Activities like booking holidays and wearing crop tops, previously unimaginable, were now within her grasp. The transformation brought her a new lease on life, making her feel and look younger than ever before. Whenever anyone asks about her procedure and where she had it done, Jessica proudly recommends Bella Vou without hesitation, as it's the only place that made her dreams come true.

"Anybody that asks me what I've had done and where - Bella Vou, Bella Vou, Bella Vou! It’s Bella Vou and nowhere else."

Tummy Tuck & 4 Sites Liposuction

Vaser & Renuvion to the Neck

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