Concept™ Facelift (Rhytidectomy)

If your skin is loose , developing deep lines, sagging or creating the appearance of jowls you may be a good candidate for the Concept™ Facelift. This type of facelift surgery is a unique as the procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, and is far less invasive than traditional methods, meaning the procedure requires minimal down time.

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  Typical Facelift Concept™ Facelift
Loose skin, deep lines, sagging jowls & jawline
General anaesthetic Local anaesthetic
4 - 6 hours 2 - 3 hours
Yes No
4 - 6 weeks 1 week
4 - 6 weeks Minimal
Yes No
4 weeks 2 - 4 days
£8,000 - £12,000 £6,900 (plus £1,000 for male patients)

Is this right for me?

Age is not a factor for this kind of surgery. The Concept™ Facelift is suitable for all patients that have lax facial skin, jowls, loss of definition to the jawline and developing deep lines and wrinkles. The effects of aging to the face frequent give the appearance of looking tired who ever much sleep you may have had.

The results of the Concept™ Facelift procedure will leave your with a natural, fresh and youthful appearance that lasts up to 10 years. There are no bandages, stables, drains or IVs, Our approach at Bella Vou promotes the benefits of safe awake, local anesthetic surgery without the need of performing unnecessary general, spinal or epidural anesthesia. After all, nothing is safer than being awake and being able to speak with the surgeon and telling him exactly what you want. For patients that may feel anxious at the prospect of being awake, we also offer gentle sedation to relieve those anxieties.

Becoming well informed about your procedure and aftercare starts with a private consultation, supported by the finest British-trained cosmetic plastic surgeons each 45 minute private consultation will leave you fully informed about your procedure and what results you can expect along with understanding the typical recovery time, potential complications and the post surgery aftercare.

Can I have a Facelift without a Neck Lift?

A question which is asked from time to time by patients is, "Can I have a facelift without a neck lift?". While typically neither a medical reason or surgical challenge exists to preclude a neck lift being performed at the same time as a facelift, it is uncommon for patients' neck and faces to evidence the signs of ageing different from one another.

Nita, pictured here aged 67, had a Concept™ Facelift and neck lift performed. The following illustrations highlight the poor outcome which would have resulted if the neck muscles and skin laxity had not been addressed at the time of the facelift procedure.

Nita's 3D illustration 'facelift only' outcome

Nita's 3D illustration with combined face and neck lift

Nita's illustration post-surgery results with Concept™ Facelift only (with pre-surgery neckline)

Nita indicating post-surgical results with combined Concept™ Facelift and neck lift

When performing any surgical procedure your surgeon needs to ensure that the treatment you have requested will achieve the desired results you are hoping for. Our surgeons will always provide their professional recommendation for the best treatment to meet your desired outcome. It is common for many patients to express a concern about either their face or neck and to look at these in isolation and overlook the resulting appearance of not addressing the signs of aging to both areas which are so intimately connected.

Our surgeons will always advise you the most appropriate treatment plan to meet your desired outcome. Where no medical necessity exists to require the surgeon to tighten the neck muscles at the same time of the facelift procedure, the surgeon's recommendation may identify that opting not to tighten the muscles of the neck during your facelift procedure may result in an overall less satisfactory outcome for the patient where the loose, crepey skin and excess volume will be more evident and prominent post surgery.

Patients may decide due to financial limitations not to follow the recommendations of the surgeon, naturally any concerns relating to the area of the neck post-surgery, which may then subsequently require treatment need to be fully understood that the subsequent cost will be substantially greater to separately treat if deciding not to follow the surgeon's recommendation.

What does this involve?

Concept™ Facelift is a cutting edge facelift surgery performed under local anaesthetic with a short scar that runs in front of the ear and ends behind the ear. It addresses the cheeks by lifting them back to their original position, removes the jowls, smoothes skin of the cheeks and restores definition to the jaw line. The Concept™ Facelift incorporates a SMAS lift (muscle tightening), providing natural-looking, long-lasting results.

All the sutures we use are absorbable leaving a fine line scar that will fade until it is hardly noticeable. This facial cosmetic surgery will last about two hours and can be combined with other local anaesthetic facial surgery such as eyelid lift, lip enhancement, fat transfer and neck lift to achieve a harmonious balance to your face.

Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

When considering a cosmetic procedure, many people are understandably anxious about their healing and recovery time. With traditional facelift surgery, patients typically take six to eight weeks to heal. During this recovery period, people are generally left with serious trauma to the face, including bruising, swelling and bleeding that seriously impacts on their ability to work and socialise.

Due to the technique refinements of the Concept™ Facelift, by the end of the first week, you will have very little bruising, swelling or scarring. The procedure is far less traumatic and patients can generally return to their normal routine within a matter of days. Your body will still require 6-8 weeks to heal, but the outward appearance will not reflect this.

Certainly. Revision surgery on the face is very common. It is not something you need to have but rather something that you can choose if you want depending on the changes in your face. With previous surgery, internal scarring makes the procedure slightly longer but Bella Vou’s experienced surgeons perform revision surgery to ensure you achieve your desired look. It is important that the limitations of any surgery are highlighted at your initial consultation and a realistic goal is set between the surgeon and the patient.

We can show you our album of other patients who have recently undergone this procedure with similar concerns to you which can help you more closely appreciate your likely results. While everyone heals differently, our aim is your satisfaction. Cosmetic surgery is a balance of both form and function and we are tireless in our pursuit of excellence. During your consultation your surgeon will help you have a clear understanding of your likely results. So, while we can't show your final outcome specifically beforehand, we will be able to provide you with a reassurance over your expected result.

Having confidence that you are in excellent hands with your chosen surgeon is something that should not be compromised on over either consideration of cost or convenience. Investing time in researching to find the very best surgeon for your procedure through specialist medical review websites, personal recommendation and a thorough private consultation with your surgeon are likely to give you the reassurance every patient should have before proceeding with a procedure.

Your surgeon will need to consider the following factors is something that is based on a number of factors. First and foremost – what is your overall expectation and if this within the remit of what can be carried out surgically. Your surgeon will discuss this with you in detail and will show you the results you can expect.

Secondly, what other factors are present? If you have extremely lax skin, then a facelift will help but will not address all the line and lax skin. This is because the skin has lost its elasticity and might need additional treatments such as resurfacing and volumising treatments. Our surgeons will discuss your treatment holistically and give you a full picture of what to expect and address your concerns.

We use a shorter scar that runs in front of the ear down to the earlobe and tucks back behind the ear. The scar from a traditional facelift starts at the top of the head, running in front and behind the ear and into the hair at the back of the head.

Concept™ Facelift surgery tightens the muscle and the skin so your results should last up to 10 years, the same as a traditional facelift.

Your actual age does not determine whether we will carry out our Concept™ Facelift & Neck Lift. More noteworthy is how your skin and tissue have aged and consequently what appearance this has resulted in. Some patients have very young looking skin but are in their seventies. Others have very aged and are in the late 30s to early 40s.

What is carried out?

We have perfected our Concept™ Facelift to be performed effectively under local anaesthetic (i.e. no sedation or general anaesthetic). The procedure and effect is the same as one would achieve through traditional face-lift methods. With the surgeon you will discuss treatment options thoroughly. Therefore you receive a bespoke treatment plan, which may include non-surgical and/or surgical methods.

Ideally, you should wait two weeks until the wounds have closed prior to applying hair dye. Consequently, you should warn your hairdresser or stylist that you have had surgery in the area. They should avoid excessive handling around the wound edges for at least two weeks.

When considering a cosmetic procedure, many people are understandably anxious about their healing and recovery time. With traditional facelift surgery, patients typically take six to eight weeks to heal. During this recovery period, people are generally left with serious trauma to the face, including bruising, swelling and bleeding that seriously impacts on their ability to work and socialise.

Due to the technique refinements of the Concept™ Facelift, Any swelling and feeling of tightness should settle over the first few days, you should be able to return to normal activity after 5 to 7 days, avoiding strenuous exercise for the first 2 weeks. If you bruise easily, you may experience mild bruising in front of the ears, this should take a couple of weeks to settle.

Having had a previous face-lift does not stop you having further surgery. Your surgeon will examine your face and determine whether surgery is a good option for you or a non-surgical treatment to volumise the face, or a combination of treatments.

Everyone will age differently and it is important to remember that even if you had a previous face-lift, this will not stop your ageing process. You will continue to age, but you will always look younger than your actual age.

The sole purpose of the facelift is to affect the jowls (lower 1/3 of the face). The full face-lift is a misnomer and is generally a way of grouping different procedures of the face together and referring to this as a full face-lift.

You may feel that the nasolabial area and region under the eyes (eyelids, tear trough) have dropped. This is not affected with a face-lift and would require a lower blepharoplasty and/ or a cheek lift. This improves the mid-face region. Your brow-line may have dropped and this could benefit from a brow-lift. Your upper eye-lids may have a greater degree of hooding and this would benefit from an upper blepharoplasty.

Our lead surgeon, Mr Amir Nakhdjevani, developed this procedure after listening to the concerns of patients on the various aspects of a face-lift procedure carried out in the traditional way (i.e) wanting reduced down-time; minimising bruising; keeping scars hidden and difficult to see.

The Concept™ Facelift is the same as a traditional facelift and involves SMAS (muscle) tightening. Results will last longer with SMAS tightening.

The same technique is carried out on our patients, whether they have surgery under local anaesthetic, sedation or a general anaesthetic. Hence, some of our patients are not suitable for  surgery under local anaesthetic will undergo the same technique under the other forms of anaesthetic. It is not the anaesthetic that makes the face-lift but the technique we have developed and continually refine.

The traditional face-lift is a procedure that is still carried out throughout the world. Why the Concept™ Facelift ts different to this is because we listened to what patients disliked about the traditional lift and attempted to address these.

The Concept™ Facelift is the same surgical procedure as a traditional lift but has been refined such that we have reduced the down-time following surgery; reduced the amount of bruising and swelling; removed the need for bandages and drains.

The procedure is also carried out under local anaesthetic but it is important to note that it isn’t the anaesthetic that determines the lift but the procedure used. Whether we carry out this procedure under local anaesthetic, sedation or a general anaesthetic, our technique is still the same.

This is not a mini-lift. It addresses the skin and the SMAS layer. The neck-lift is usually combined with this to ensure a harmonious result of the face and neck. Sometimes liposuction is also carried out if required.

No. A mini facelift refers to slight tightening of skin often under local anaesthetic. A short scar facelift merely describes a smaller scar but only tightens skin, so the results will not last as long as a Concept™ Facelift. Neither of these procedures tightens the muscle layer of the face, and so do not last very long.

Many people don't want to take the risk of a general anaesthetic for a cosmetic procedure. The Concept™ Facelift addresses these concerns as can be carried out as walk-in walk-out procedures under local anaesthetic, thereby reducing the risk of complications dramatically.

Some people are worried that they will feel discomfort during the procedure. When under a local anaesthetic, you won't feel any pain. The surgery is carried out at our specialist clinic in Tunbridge Wells, so you can return home the same day.

There are several different facelift methods. The main way of achieving longevity of the facelift is to address the MUSCLE (SMAS) layer. This is addressed with the concept facelift. Whether it requires stitching to hitch it up (plication), cutting some of the excess away (SMAS-ectomy) or raising and changing the direction of the muscle vector (SMAS flap) will generally be determined during surgery.

There are several surgeons who discuss carrying out a full facelift. This is a misnomer. By definition a facelift just addresses the lower 1/3 of the face (ie) the jowls. If you were to include upper and lower eyelid surgery, cheek lifts and a brow lift then this could be termed a full facelift but it is really describing surgery to all areas of the face. This is not always required.

Our surgeons will discuss what the main concern you have is and will advise the treatment appropriate for this.

We have pioneered this technique to minimise bruising and reduce down time. Recovery in patients varies depending on their healing, but we expect that you can get back to your normal routine within a few days to a week.

All the stitches are absorbable and hidden under the skin. This will leave a very fine scar that matures over time and appears as a fine white line that will hardly be noticeable.

The treatment will vary depending on what surgery is required. A face and neck lift alone will be less than a face and neck lift with liposuction. There are finance options available also.

This technique was pioneered by Mr Amir Nakhdjevani to address the concerns of the modern age.

Concept™ Facelift is a local anaesthetic facelift that tightens the muscles and skin of the face, which gives it longevity without the bruising and down time of the traditional facelift methods, which can last weeks.

There are no bandages, drains or hospital stay but rather walk in and walk out treatment that lasts.

At consultation we discuss your concerns and tailor the technique to you. This bespoke Concept™ Facelift surgery can address the cheeks, the deep lines around your nose and mouth (nasolabial lines), the jowls and jawline.

Our surgeons are very experienced in this. Our lead surgeon, Amir Nakhdjevani has performed over 3,000 facelifts. His experience is second to none. He developed the Concept™ Facelift after listening to the concerns of patients with respect to facelifts. He developed this technique to improve the outcomes, reduce the down-time following surgery and to give a better journey from beginning to end.

At Bella Vou, our primary concern is your well-being and we want to ensure your journey from beginning to end is perfect. Our staff are attentive to all your concerns and will make sure these are addressed.

With Concept™ Facelift there is minimal dressing and no drains. You can walk in and walk out after your surgery.

The Concept™ Facelift results in a very natural look. This facelift surgery is not intended to make people look 20 years old again, but rather to address the signs of aging that have made you look tired or older than your years. Your friends and family should notice that you look well and fresh but it will not be immediately apparent that you have had surgery.

Facelift surgery in any form will not stop the ageing process. You will continue to age and you will notice changes in your face. What you will achieve with the facelift is an ability to set the clock back. This will mean that you will always look younger than your actual chronological age.

The skin quality is also paramount to this. If the skin has a sufficient degree of laxity, then the facelift results will last longer than if the skin is very loose and weak.

Most patients don’t tend to bruise unless they also have neck liposuction. There will be swelling for at least 1 – 2 weeks. Some patients can develop ear discomfort, and this can last about 2 weeks. This is usually amenable to simple painkillers (paracetamol and ibuprofen).

Your overall time frame is variable with respect to swelling and bruising. This does depend on how your body reacts in these situations. On average, most patients can expect to be swollen for up to 10 days. The ear-lobes are swollen for a bit longer compared to the rest of the face.

At 6 months from surgery, you will have a more definitive idea of what the outcome of surgery will be.

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