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Spring has almost sprung – it’s time to update your skincare routine

You may have heard the age-old saying, ‘February is the border between winter and spring’ and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to skincare. Whilst temperatures have only just exited the ‘bitter’ stage, you may have already noticed some weather-related changes to your skin - we certainly have! That’s why it is so important to take seasonality into account when thinking about your skincare and your changing needs. 

Following an Instagram poll we featured on our account last week, we found that only 19% of our followers actively change their skincare regime every season. Do you fall into this category? Keep reading for some useful tips and treatments to help you transition your skincare game over the coming months.

Warmer temperatures encourage natural oil production: It’s time to switch to a lighter cleanser

Winter skincare is all about locking in moisture, in the never ending battle to overcome dry and patchy skin. That is because harsh, cold conditions strip our skin of its natural moisture, leading us to rely heavily on thick layered products to re-plump and re-introduce moisture back into the skin. On the contrary, warmer temperatures encourage your skin to produce more of its natural oils, meaning that when the temperature begins to rise, your skin will no longer require as much additional moisture.

Instead of using thick hydrating cleansers this spring, opt for a lighter cleanser - especially if you have a combination or oily skin. Water-based gel or foaming cleansers are both great options this time of year. 

Neostrata Exfoliating Mouse Wash - available at Bella Vou
Neostrata Exfoliating Mouse Wash - available at Bella Vou

Pop the harsh scrubs back on the shelf and make way for a gentle exfoliator

The next step in revamping your spring skincare game is exfoliation. 

The winter chill would have left your skin feeling dry, so it’s important to keep exfoliating in order to remove layers of dead skin - not only to de-texturise, but to allow your skin to breathe. You can, however, opt for a more gentle exfoliator at this time of year. A formula with a small amount of glycolic acid will help remove dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin without being too harsh. 

Don’t forget, over-exfoliation will make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so take it easy and remember, we’re just looking to remove that top layer.

Water-based Serums & Lightweight Moisturizer could be the changing factor you’ve been missing!

During the warmer months, thick moisturisers and oil-based serums can make your skin too oily which, in turn, encourages break outs. This can be very frustrating and may even lead you to skipping this stage altogether. However, you don’t have to give up serums and moisturizer just yet; it is important to remember that excess sweat and sun-exposure can also lead to skin dehydration. 

Try swapping heavy, oil-based serums and thick moisturizers for water-based ones. Hyaluronic acid-based products are perfect for this time of year as they help attract more water without making the skin oily.

Switch to a Dedicated Sunscreen

Firstly, we want to say a big ‘well done’ to those of you who have been using skin care products with added SPF throughout the winter months. As sunnier days approach, it is important to ramp up your UV protection. Sun exposure is one of the leading causes of premature skin ageing, so early introduction of separate and dedicated sun protection is vital (such as a sunscreen applied on-top of your moisturiser and underneath your make-up).

Heliocare 360° SPF Products, available at Bella Vou
Heliocare 360° SPF Products, available at Bella Vou

Out with the old and in with the new: bin old makeup & sanitise those tools!

As you chop and change your skincare routine to fit the new season, don’t forget to make time for a little spring-clean too. Many of us can admit to the half-used, emotional-support lip balm that’s been rolling around the office drawer for the last four years. And, whilst we appreciate the comfort this brings, out-of-date or bacteria-hoarding make-up could be the number one culprit for those random quarterly breakouts. 

Most products will come with a “period after opening” symbol (that’s the little container and number indicating how long the product will stay fresh for). Others will have a specific expiration date. Last week, a whopping 78% of our Instagram followers admitted to ignoring the use-by-dates, choosing to use skincare and beauty products until the last drop. 

Out of date, or just generally old, products can store a buildup of bacteria, leading to clogged pores. As well as this, makeup brushes are usually overlooked, and can also play host to unwanted germs. You should sanitize your brushes and tools at least once a week by washing with regular soap and drying with a hair-dryer. Like all of the above points, small and simple changes like this can hugely benefit your overall skin health.

Non-surgical treatments to help you kickstart skin rejuvenation for warmer times ahead - Available at Bella Vou

Bella Vou - Brand New Non-surgical Suite
Bella Vou - Brand New Non-surgical Suite
IMG_3029 2

Of everyone who took part in out Instagram poll last week, 16% of you admitted to not having a skincare regime. Many patients come to Bella Vou to rejuvenate tired skin and kickstart their skincare regime. We have listed some of the most popular non-surgical procedures that help our patients fall back in-love with their skin again.

CO2RE Laser Resurfacing: A revolutionary laser therapy that resurfaces and regenerates the skin for a smoother, fresher, and more radiant complexion. Bella Vou offers the CO2RE laser, which provides precise, adaptable skin resurfacing. The treatment uses targeted energy to remove part of the surface of the skin in a process known as Fractional Resurfacing.

Morpheus 8: Morpheus 8 is a revolutionary new device that Stimulates the increase of Elastin and Collagen production while tightening connective fibers to lift, firm, smooth and contour the face and body. Morpheus 8 is a highly-adaptable fractional device. The aesthetic doctors at Bella Vou can programme the penetration depth and energy delivery to tailor the treatment for your needs. Morpheus 8 effectively treats fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, skin laxity, and improves your skin tone and texture. Your skin will be sensitive to the sun following Morpheus 8, so it is important to go ahead with treatment as soon as possible - especially if you’re looking to show off your rejuvenated look in the summer holidays. 

Sunekos Face: The building blocks of healthy skin are Collagen and Elastin, but as we age our bodies production of these proteins slows, skin loses its elasticity becoming loose or saggy and fine lines and wrinkles increase. Boosting the production of Collagen and Elastin then, holds the key to restoring vibrancy and revitalizing the skin. Incredibly, Sunekos have unlocked a way to dramatically increase the body’s own production of these proteins through their patented intelligent injectables thus dramatically slowing and even reversing the aging process.

Skincare Seasonality Takeaways

It is important to remember that, no matter how well your routine has been working for you, the world around you is changing and conditions can be harsh. Your skin’s needs are dynamic which is why it is so important to take seasonality into account when reviewing and revamping your skincare routine. 

Adapting your skincare to suit each season’s varied conditions can seem like a minefield, but is an essential step towards achieving overall skin health. You’ll need to remain mindful towards the invisible factors (such as heightened UV exposure or bacteria build-up) that could be negatively affecting you in order to keep on top of things. Keep this handy cheat sheet in-mind when preparing for sunnier days ahead!

Do you feel like you’re ticking all the boxes, but nothing ever seems to give? Why not book a private one-to-one skin consultation with with our Aesthetic Doctor, Mark Holmes? He will be able to assess your individual needs and work with you on a personalized non-surgical treatment plan to help fast track your skincare this spring.

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