Ann, 1 month after her Upper Eyelid surgery

Ann's Story

Age 49
Location Kent
Treatment(s) Eyelid Surgery

I completely love my eyes and wish I’d had the courage to do something about them years ago. I would 100% definitely recommend Bella Vou for their kind, compassionate, caring and professional staff.

What motivated you to consider Eyelid Surgery?

I had been thinking about Upper Eyelid Surgery for a few years and for a long time had it in the back of my mind because genetically my family have a drooping eyelid feature. After being asked if I was tired more and more often (and even if I had been crying!), I reached the stage where I felt brave enough to do something about it.

I followed all the recommended advice about doing extensive research on the Internet and mainly because of the excellent reviews from previous patients, and the praise that Bella Vou received, finally decided to go for a complimentary consultation with Amir Nakhdjevani at Bella Vou.

Why did you choose Bella Vou?

I was feeling quite apprehensive about choosing to put myself through a surgical procedure, especially on my face, but from the moment I walked into Bella Vou I had a good feeling. The patient liaison staff are really welcoming and do everything to make you feel comfortable and the clinic itself is immaculate and stunning.

My initial consultation with Amir was very relaxed and he came across as a very kind, understanding and professional man that I felt I could trust. Although I felt quite unsure about going ahead with the procedure when I walked into the clinic, I immediately felt that I wanted to make an appointment and go ahead at my consultation. The patient liaison staff really put themselves out to be flexible and to try and accommodate me with a time and date that was convenient for me for the procedure.

What was your experience, in surgery?

When I attended the clinic for the procedure a couple of weeks later, surprisingly for me, I didn’t feel completely anxious as I normally would in a situation like this. I think this was because Amir made me feel confident in thinking that everything would be fine. The surgery lasted just a very short time – I think about half an hour and I didn’t feel a thing. To be honest the most uncomfortable part was the anaesthetic injections beforehand but that was over really quickly, as was the procedure itself.

I have to say I wasn’t prepared for how bad I looked immediately afterwards, even though I was told there would be swelling and bruising I didn’t realise how bad it could really be. I really should have expected it really because I know I usually bruise badly anyway. The bruising didn’t really start to improve for about a week, and then very slowly for the second week. I was actually really glad I had taken two weeks off work as by the time I went back, I had just a small, bright red patch of bruising above one eye which I covered with camouflage make-up and brownish coloured eyelids (which could be mistaken for eyeshadow anyway fortunately).

Although I had a lot of bruising and swelling after surgery the results were immediately obvious and amazing. I could see that I now had an eyelid crease that I had completely lost and my eyelashes were visible again and not covered by a puffy sag of eyelid skin.

Has it been worth it?

My eyes got better and better as the days went on and I’m now three weeks after surgery and I completely love my eyes and wish I’d had the courage to do something about them years ago.

I didn’t realise how bad my eyelids had become until I had my old eyes back again and could think to myself ‘Oh yes, that’s what I used to look like’. Yet, the good thing is that nobody apart from my close family and friends who knew I was having the procedure done noticed the difference which was just what I wanted. I just had a couple of comments about how well I looked after my two weeks holiday and that was all.

I would 100% definitely recommend Bella Vou, especially for their kind, compassionate, caring and professional staff and Amir Nakhdjevani for his amazing results on my eyes.

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