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Are You Looking For Fuller Eyebrows?

Have you considered Eyebrow Tattooing or an Eyebrow Transplant?

On average we lose about 50 to 100 hairs a day, although sometimes we lose more – to the point where it becomes noticeable. There’s a variety of factors which can cause hair loss; from certain over-the-counter drugs, stress, hormones, vitamin deficiencies and certain illnesses and conditions. Some can be easily reversed while others cannot, which is why additional intervention may be necessary. Female hair loss and pattern baldness are very rarely discussed, and it is normally men who commonly are seen to have treatment. However, women are not fond of losing their hair and will do a lot of research and try different treatments to try to restore it. Now most of us know about treatments for restoring hair on the head; hair transplants and wigs are the most popular and the most well known; but what about other areas of the body? Your eyebrows for example?

Here are two types of procedures that are becoming popular in the UK.

Eyebrow Tattooing

Getting a tattoo is not a decision to be taken lightly but getting one on your face should be made with caution and a lot of research. Eyebrow inking has been around for quite a while now but it had originally been associated with that surprised, black marker pen look. More recently it has come on leaps and bounds and is now considered art and recognised as a highly sought after procedure in the beauty/aesthetics industry. Over-plucked eyebrows are hard to grow back, sometimes impossible, so tattooing is now a procedure on the rise as people want to have those Cara Delevingne/Kim Kardashian style brows!

At a cost of around £300/£400 the price does look appealing although annual touch ups are advised to maintain to look. This also comes at a price of between £150/£250. So is it worth it? Our Patient Coordinator has her eyebrows tattooed due to over-plucking and she loves the results as do we!! The procedure takes around 2 – 3 hours and can be painful at times. However, the end result is natural and the shape is perfect. She feels this treatment has boosted her confidence and has given her the brows she always wanted.

There are some things to consider before embarking on having your eyebrows tattooed on. Firstly, you should always check out your therapist’s training. They should have a recognised qualification which should be accredited by either an awarding organisation or an official organisation such as BABTAC. A good therapist will be able to prove that the machine being used has a CE mark, and the pigment follows all safety regulations. Take a look at their portfolio to gauge their experience. Look online for any reviews from previous clients. If the price seems unusually cheap, be wary. This is an invasive treatment and it should cost a reasonable amount.

Eyebrow Transplant

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons have reported a massive surge in demand for eyebrow transplants. This treatment was originally intended for patients who had lost their hair through medical or genetic conditions. More recently, eyebrow transplants have gained popularity with women who have over-plucked and have found their hair is just not growing back.

The procedure, which has a guide price of around £3,500 only takes a morning to complete. However, final results could take approximately six to eight months as the transplanted hair would need to take root and grow to look like a normal brow. Although the word ‘transplant’ may scare you into thinking the hair would be taken from a donor and then re-inserted into your face, this is incorrect as it would actually be taken from your own head!

First the surgeon takes a narrow strip from the back of the head. This would be in a very subtle place and the stitches would create a barely noticeable scar. Your own hair would also cover the scar. The hair taken is as closely matched to the texture of your existing eyebrow as possible. This then gets dissected under a microscope. The small section of hair taken can yield about 300-500 sections of hair graft. Local anaesthetic is then given and the hairs which have been dissected are then inserted into small holes made in your brow-line using a very fine needle.

After the procedure you will probably have a bit of swelling then some scabbing. This can be relieved by putting ice on the swollen area and laying upright when sleeping. The scabs then fall off after about 1 week of having the procedure. Some of the hairs may fall out too and patients may worry that the treatment has not worked. This is completely normal as the root of the hair will still be embedded and new hair will start to grow.

New hairs would normally start becoming visible between eight to 16 weeks after the transplant. In just six to eight months you will have a new set of eyebrows to be proud of! You will be able to shape them to your desired look and the good thing is they will just keep growing. So when the next ‘in’ shape for eyebrows shows up in all the magazines and social media, you do not have to worry you can do whatever you like with them and keep up with the latest trends!

Roughly 30 million women suffer from hair loss and it has a significant social and psychological impact so having this procedure can restore confidence in many people and it lasts forever! Before considering the procedure you should always look for a board certified surgeon, who specialises in hair restoration.

Here at Bella Vou, our lead surgeon, Mr Amir Nakhdjevani, performs hair transplants on the head, eyebrows, eyelashes and beards!

So in summary which would you choose?


Eyebrow inking is a popular procedure as it has instant results but the maintaining can be time consuming and is not cost effective. Also once it’s there, like a normal tattoo elsewhere on the body, it is very hard to change/remove.

Eyebrow transplants seem to be the favoured option. Although the downtime is longer and you do have some swelling, the end result is completely natural. It is your own hair and it can be shaped to your liking. It will also continue to grow and it’s very cost effective in the long term.

If you would like further information about the hair transplant procedures we offer here at Bella Vou, please call one of team on 01892 257 357

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Last Updated: September 9, 2016

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