Hair Transplant (Hair Loss Treatment for Men and Women)

Losing your hair, especially for men, might appear to be a minor problem but there are many people who find it difficult to accept; which can lead to frustration, embarrassment, anxiety and depression. If you are experiencing hair loss then our various hair loss treatments can help you.

Hair transplant surgery is fast becoming a popular choice of procedure for both men and women who have been affected by hair loss.

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Eyebrow & Eyelash Transplant and Treatment

At Bella Vou, we use proven hair transplantation techniques to solve permanent hair loss in the brow and eyelash area. Eyebrow restoration is an excellent way to replace eyebrows or touch up small areas of hair loss that result from over-plucking, scars, or genetic causes.

FUE Hair Transplant and Hair Loss Treatment

Hair transplant, hair restoration surgery, hair replacement and hair rejuvenation using the Follicular Unit Extraction “FUE” also known as minimal scar technique or Follicular until Transplantation “FUT” are surgical methods to restore hair in an area of depletion permanently even for eyebrow and eyelash transplants.

PRP Injections for Hair Loss

PRP treatment for hair rejuvenation involves the injection of a patient’s own plasma and growth factors in to the to improve hair density and the acceleration of hair growth in order to improve the appearance of hair thickness and condition.

Hair Transplant (Hair Loss Treatment for Men and Women)
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