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How To Get Perfect Lips

Pouty lips are the ‘in thing’ this season, whether you are wanting pillow plump lips for an forthcoming event, or whether you just want perfect lips. Voluptuous lips are something we are all searching for and we can let you into a little secret, it is now easier than ever!

So who wouldn’t want them?

What are the benefits of lip filler, augmentation or lip enhancement?

  • Improvement to self-confidence
  • Walk in, walk out procedure
  • Fuller lips
  • Permanent / Non-permanent procedures
  • Range of options to give you the lips you desire
  • Natural looking results
  • Helps fight signs of aging


The Permalip is a revolutionary, natural looking implant in both the feel and appearance. The very fine, soft silicone can be shaped to suit your facial features, enhancing the lip volume as you desire! Although a permanent solution, the PermaLip™ can be removed to return your lips to their original appearance.

Lip Fillers

Lip injections will volumise your lips and best of all, they are only a temporary solution for those special occasions! These dermal fillers will last for up to a year, restoring natural fullness and creating beautifully shaped lips, giving you that sensational look for any event.

Both techniques provide endless amounts of benefits, giving you the ultimate youthful, yet natural appearance. So stop wasting your time trying to find the best lip plumping products! We have the answer right here! You can now stop hiding your smile because of your thin lifeless lips!

There are both surgical and non-surgical lip enhancements storming the cosmetic industry and it is an ever growing, popular procedure. Lip specialists at Bella Vou would be able to advise what suits you, as well as giving you the look your desire.

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