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What is the best option for me and how do different surgical methods differ?

There are several different facelift methods. The main way of achieving longevity of the facelift is to address the MUSCLE (SMAS) layer. This is addressed with the concept facelift. Whether it requires stitching to hitch it up (plication), cutting some of the excess away (SMAS-ectomy) or raising and changing the direction of the muscle vector (SMAS flap) will generally be determined during surgery.

There are several surgeons who discuss carrying out a full facelift. This is a misnomer. By definition a facelift just addresses the lower 1/3 of the face ie. the jowls. If you were to include upper and lower eyelid surgery, cheek lifts and a brow lift then this could be termed a full facelift but it is really describing surgery to all areas of the face. This is not always required.

Our surgeons will discuss what the main concern you have is and will advise the treatment appropriate for this.

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