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I’ve heard that this is just a mini-lift and you can not get the results that you would with a traditional facelift?

The traditional facelift is a procedure that is still carried out throughout the world. Why the Concept™ facelift ts different to this is because we listened to what patients disliked about the traditional lift and attempted to address these.

The Concept™ Facelift is the same surgical procedure as a traditional lift but has been refined such that we have reduced the down-time following surgery; reduced the amount of bruising and swelling; removed the need for bandages and drains.

The procedure is also carried out under local anaesthetic but it is important to note that it isn’t the anaesthetic that determines the lift but the procedure used. Whether we carry out this procedure under local anaesthetic, sedation or a general anaesthetic, our technique is still the same.

This is not a mini-lift. It addresses the skin and the SMAS layer. The neck-lift is usually combined with this to ensure a harmonious result of the face and neck. Sometimes liposuction is also carried out if required.

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