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Every person has a different reason to have cosmetic surgery. Our testimonial page gives you the opportunity to review some of Bella Vou's real patient stories and find out for yourself if cosmetic surgery will be the right choice for you!

At Bella Vou, we really value our patient's feedback. If you have had a cosmetic surgery procedure with us, we would love to hear from you!

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4.5 stars from 192 reviews.

Thank You Bella Vou

I had been thinking about Eyelid Surgery for a long time. I finally plucked up the courage to go for it and I could not be happier. The lovely girls at Bella Vou put me at ease straight away and I enjoyed the whole experience from start to finish. My consultation with Amir was so informative and I was able to book in straight away.



Best surgeon around!

Amir is a magician and artist as well as a surgeon! I had a fleur-de-lis abdominoplasty after major weight loss and abnormal growths on my abdomen and it has changed my life. Fabulous after care, brilliant before and during surgery and I cannot thank him enough!



I had an amazing experience!

From the minute I walked into his room I felt I was in safe hands and that he new what he was doing , he made sure I understood everything from start to finish and answered all of my questions even on op day he rescued me. Im so happy with the outcome it's exactly what I asked for and I feel amazing And finely feel happy and comfortable with my body x



I am so impressed!

I am absolutely thrilled with my facial surgery with Amir and I can highly recommend him. He performed the surgery in 2.5 hours which was amazing. He is totally professional, made me feel at ease throughout and has completely fulfilled what he set out to do - leaving me a very confident and happy person. All my friends think I look amazing and natural at the same time. Amir certainly knows what he's doing.



Flabby to Flat

Amir made me feel comfortable instantly. He was personable and professional. Amir didn’t sugar coat the process and was extremely honest about what I should expect. I’m extremely lucky to have found him.



Highly recommend.

I would highly recommend Amir. From the first consultation he made me feel at ease and clear on what to expect from the procedure. The op went smoothly and I had no problems, healed quickly and am pleased with the results. I will come back to Amir if I want any other procedures in the future.



Another AMAZING experience with Bella Vou!

Another excellent experience with Bella Vou. I recently had an eyelash transplant, and once again, have only great things to share about the team at the Bella Vou clinic. Amir, Rohit and Phil, were all incredible and I couldn't be happier with how well they looked after me.


Libby x

Early sagging of face and neck

I am in my early 40s and over the last 2 years I’ve noticed a significant ‘drop‘ in my lower face and loose skin on my neck. It isn’t awful but I do feel it is worse than I would expect at this point in my life and has made me so self conscious that I don’t wear necklaces that would draw attention to my neck.



Amazing Bella Vou

I was unhappy with my jowls on my face for many years. The rest of my face was good for my age but I felt that jowls were aging me. I wanted to have them removed but was unwilling to go through a GA for vanity. So when I found Amir at Bella Vou who was happy to do the surgery under local anaesthetic I did not hesitate.



Feeling confident and younger than my 65 years

As well as being the most kind and compassionate man Amir is an exceptional surgeon. This lovely man is a true professional and was supportive from the minute I met him at my consultation until last week when I saw him 7 weeks on from my procedure date. What a difference this marvellous surgeon has made to my life.


Gail Pickles

Concept Face and Neck Lift

I was kept waiting for well over an hour before the procedure which added to my nervousness. I was given no apology but was told that the surgeon was performing the procedure on someone else and was running late. Immediately after I had my procedure another person was waiting to go in. Looking back it all seemed very rushed with a one in and one out approach.



Upper and Lower Blepharaplasty with Amir was terrific.

Amazing. Amir had no issues performing upper and lower eyelid surgery for me and I am 8 days in to healing and loving the results already. I had horrible bags under my eyes and my top eyelids were sagging. It was making me miserable. From first consultation through to post-op I am extremely happy with him and his team. Thanks Amir.



Have courage! It will be amazing.

Thanks to this website I found many reviews of this surgeon and the Bella Vou clinic and I'm now pleased to add my own! At my first (and only) consultation with Amir Nakhdjevani prior to booking surgery I was struck by how honest and straightforward the process was. I was told exactly what would give the best results (even though it might not have been what I wanted to hear cost-wise!) and a firm insistence to visit other surgeons for quotes and opinions and be sure to do my research thoroughly.



Made to feel very welcome

I enjoyed my time at the surgery. All staff were friendly and encouraging. I was made to feel at home and provided a great lunch and drinks. I look forward to noticing the results as it takes a long time until you see the finished hair coverage. It was a lot faster than I anticipated. Although it was uncomfortable at times, everyone did their best to make it pain-free and pleasant.



Amir and the gorgeous girls at Bella Vou are just AMAZING!

I had my first procedure three weeks ago with Amir on the 25/1/18. I had a face/neck lift, upper and lower eyelids and two Permalip implant. Although it has been less than a month, I am really pleased. So much so, that I have got several further procedures booked with Amir, the next being in March, when I'm having an eyelash transplant I have lost eleven and half stone and it has left me with a lot of excess skin, so in May, I am having my breasts done, along with a tummy tuck and arm lift.


Libby x

Neck Lift Procedure with Outstanding Results!

I cannot thank Doctor Amir and his team at Bella Vou more for the amazing transformation they have made. I had a 'concept face' neck lift procedure. Before the procedure I was given the best advice and was completely put at ease knowing that I had made the right choice and with the right clinic.



I was excited but very nervous

"Amazing Amir" so friendly, really puts you at ease, I felt like I’d known him for years, so easy to talk to, as all the team. He explains everything that’s happening and exactly what to expect, so nothing comes as a shock. He has preformed many procedures, which fills you with confidence, but at the same time he makes you feel special.



Upper eyelid surgery

Amazing, fabulous, outstanding, are just a few words to explain how I feel about having surgery by Amir. The results far exceeded my expectations and this was not my first venture into cosmetic surgery. Everyone was so friendly and professional, and the clinic pristine. Thank you Amir



Eyes wide open!

Top class! I had complete confidence in Amir from start to finish. I felt I was in safe hands throughout the whole procedure, and felt comfortable and relaxed during the surgery. Then sat up and looked in the mirror, fabulous!!



Day 2 Concept Face & Neck Lift

Yesterday I had my concept Neck and Face lift with Amir under GA not brave enough to be awake! Woke up no pain, tight Lower face and Numb ears.. slept ok I sleep on my front flat so a bit annoying but only 2 pillows needed.. amazes me no drama no bandages , numb and still tight and swollen but feel good this morning up and about at home.



Life changing

Amir and his team are simply the best! Everything, from the waiting area to the consultation and surgery rooms, was immaculate. All the staff were very welcoming and had all the time in the world for me. I felt cared for and special. Amir guided me to the best procedures for me and has made me feel, and look, how I did 15 years ago.



Concept Facelift

I had droopy jowls, a saggy neck and thick lines down my face. My self esteem was on the floor at the age of 60. It was a no brainer to go ahead with a concept face and neck lift with liposuction under my chin. Amir and his team are amazing.



Consultation review: Great Dr but wasn’t for me

Clinic was beautiful with refreshments offered on arrival which was lovely and made me feel at ease whilst waiting in reception. During our consultation it was clear that Dr Amir had a lot of experience and was good at his job however, he seemed to have forgotten that he was talking to a human being.



Lip Implant at Bellavou

Upper and lower permalip implants. The full results post op were visible for me in approximately ten days. There was initial swelling and bruising to top and bottom lips. I am pleased with the result. I have a very natural outline to both lips now and without the pout that tends to go with lip fillers.


devon lady m
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