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Nikki came to my house for my MLD massage and was not only incredibly professional but made me feel so comfortable. Nikki was very patient and made me feel at ease. Nikki made my post-operative experience calmer. She exceeded my expectation in every way. I recommend her not only for her amazing skills and professionalism but for her kindness too.

High definition VASER & Fat transfer patient

Myself and my girlfriend were treated by Nikki post vaser treatment in July 2018 in London. The vaser surgery isn’t an easy process to go through, so when we saw Nikki on the 3rd day post surgery we weren’t in the best shape! Nikki was amazing, her knowledge of vaser and MLD gave us a lot of confidence and her caring nature and kindness really helped us get through the first 10 days. We both saw an improvement after each day and looked forward to our sessions. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nikki for post vaser treatment and MLD massage. Her sessions definitely sped up the healing process and she went above and beyond without hesitation for us when we needed it, we don’t know what we would have done without her! It’s very clear that Nikki is truly passionate about what she does and there is no doubt that her business will continue to be successful because of this. Thank you Nikki, we are very grateful for all your kindness and support.

General 6

Amir was very professional and I felt that I was in very safe hands with a very experience doctor. The clinic had a nice ambience and the whole team were very nice to deal with. I thought the care and advice I received both before and after surgery was of a very high standard and I felt were relaxed on the day itself. The results are wonderful.


I have been having treatments with Nikki for the past year after my prostate & bladder operation. I was also suffering with lower back & digestive problems & an old ankle injury. She has helped me tremendously with her magic hands & I would recommend her to anyone.

Skilled surgeon, brilliant results

I had the Concept Face and Neck Lift 12 weeks ago now and I am beyond happy with my results. I can honestly say it has changed my life! The staff are really friendly and informative and Amir truly is an amazing surgeon!

The surgery itself took just under 3hours and I was awake throughout all of it.

The local anaesthetic injections hurt slightly but that was the only pain I felt.

I had Amir and Nurse Joy in the theatre and they are a brilliant team. It felt a bit weird as I could feel tugging but as I said above, it wasn’t painful. They took quite a bit of skin and excess muscle away so I immediately felt tighter afterwards!

The recovery wasn’t too bad. I’d say the swelling lasted a week but I still went out and went back to work after my one week check up. The team were great and any concern I had they would put my mind at ease. I sometimes feel a bit itchy around my ear but I’ve been told this will be my nerve endings reconnecting. I have another check up in May so I’ll post more pictures.

The swelling has completely gone and my look is natural but 100x better than what it was! Best money I have ever spent!

It took me 3years to decide to do it and I am so glad I did it! Very very skilled surgeon!

My pictures so far are before, straight after and a couple days after.

I’ll add some more soon!

General 7

I couldn’t be more grateful for Bella Vou, after years of research, I felt so comfortable in Amir’s hands, he is more than just a doctor. Him and Joy really are a dream team and kept me at ease throughout my procedure. Can’t thank you all enough!!

General 8

I am really pleased with my lip lift. People are unsure what has changed but keep saying how well I look. In fact there is a marked difference when you see the reduction in my philtrum. I actually have teeth. The whole experience was straightforward and I was looked after well. Amir is the person I would recommend to anyone for this procedure.

General 9

Absolutely wonderful experience with Amir. I'm so happy I chose to go ahead with my procedure with Bella Vou. My scars are barely visible and the customer service is incredible. I've had nothing but compliments, and I feel much more confident. 10/10! Amir made me feel completely at ease, I didn't feel nervous at all.

Concept Facelift | Necklift 1

I had CONCEPT face and neck lift 3 weeks ago under local anaesthetic. I felt very anxious but I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort at all. From the begging to an end, Amir was understanding, helpful and very professional. Amir is an amazing surgeon who has done an excellent job, I couldn’t be happier with the results and I 100% recommend him.

Concept Facelift | Necklift 2

I had a concept facelift, neck lift and browlift a week ago. Very satisfied with the result. Thank you to all for precious information on this site.

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