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Practice Your Pout With A Bella Vou Lip Lift

As we get older we may start to notice areas of our bodies going south, breasts start to sag and we notice jowls appearing on our jawline. What you may also notice is the space between your nose and your upper lip may gradually start to widen. This is all due to gravity. Surgical enhancements like a lip lift or facelift can help restore our youthful look.

It is inevitable that our lips will begin the southward slide at some point, resulting in a thinner upper lip that looks like it’s flattening, lengthening or disappearing.

Up until now the only temporary solution for this would have been lip fillers but even then it may not give you the lift you want, and putting implants in would also not provide you with the result you desire. That’s where the lip lift procedure is becoming more and more popular. This procedure gives instant results and is permanent. It is also a very quick procedure and the downtime is minimal.

This surgery aims to reduce the distance between the top of the upper lip and the base of the nose. Surgery not only shortens the cutaneous lip (the skin between the nose and the red lip) but it also allows for a more prominent vermilion (the red portion of the lip), thus creating a perfect cupid’s bow.

How is a lip lift performed?

A fine incision that is hidden along the base of the nose is made, (it is shaped a bit like the horns of a bull). The skin is then elevated and a predetermined amount of skin is removed. The closure of the skin pulls the lip upward and towards the nose resulting in the desired improvement.

The procedure takes roughly 30-45 minutes and is performed under local anaesthetic. There may be some swelling afterwards and you will feel sore for around a couple of weeks but it does not impact on eating or the normal movement of your lips.

The results are so natural, yet impressive and the scarring fades until it is virtually invisible after a few weeks.

To find out about the procedures we offer here at Bella Vou, why not book a complimentary consultation today with one of our surgeons.

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