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Mark’s story

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Mark’s story

Age: 60
Location: Kent
Treatment(s): CoolSculpting®

Mark, a 60-year-old from Kent, suffered from long-term dissatisfaction with his waist, as no matter how much he trained or dieted, he couldn’t get rid of a stubborn “belt”. In 2021, he had CoolSculpting® - a non-invasive procedure that spot-reduces fat, creating a slimmer, more streamlined body contour - with Nikki at Bella Vou. Here he shares his experience.

I’ve enjoyed sports all my life - I played rugby, I ran very seriously, I did a lot of athletics and so on, so I was always in pretty good shape. But as you get older your body changes, and it doesn’t matter how often you go to the gym or how well you eat, there are certain parts of your body that take on weight. For me it was a belt on my waist, particularly towards the back.

I wasn’t overweight but I was aware that my silhouette was changing. On holiday in particular, in photos I’d look and think “this has changed”. In my 40s and 50s I noticed that I was losing muscles on my arms and my shoulders, and while on one particular holiday with my wife, she filmed me and I saw that, from behind, rigid lines had formed above my waist. 

No matter how much I trained or dieted, I couldn’t change this particular area above my waist. I wanted to do something positive to make a measurable change to my shape, and so I made time to read up on my options. 

I had come across an article in GQ when CoolSculpting® was originally gaining attraction about 5-10 years ago. The article was looking at different forms of surgery and treatment for fat reduction, and I thought CoolSculpting® was such an interesting idea that I tore the article out and stored it away. The journalist, without passing judgement on the different types of surgery, remarked that if it delivers on what it’s claiming, it might be an innovative way to adjust one’s silhouette.

I had no interest in or wish for any kind of invasive surgery, so CoolSculpting® seemed like an ideal option. Having researched the procedure more thoroughly, I decided to get in touch with Nikki and Bella Vou. 

Nikki was brilliant from the very start. She’s a terrific professional, a great communicator and knows exactly what she’s talking about. She explained that there are different types of fat - some that are treatable and work well with the CoolSculpting® process and others that, because of what they are and where they are, are impossible to treat. 

I showed Nikki where the belt was upsetting me and she established that I was a reasonably “perfect” example of someone that this procedure would work for. She explained how it works and that it works over a period of time, and she told me what I should do to encourage results. I told her that I wanted this to be a long-term solution, and she reassured me that this would be the case because once these fat cells are removed, they won’t come back. I was really impressed by her ability to manage expectations and her enthusiasm for the discipline.

During treatment, there was nothing unexpected or particularly uncomfortable, but I experienced some bruising after the first treatment in particular. Nikki took photos and made a note of my weight after each procedure to measure the transformation. She made sure that I realised that the results would become obvious over time…which they have!

We had originally discussed going for one or a maximum of two sessions - both sides of my body being addressed each time - and after two sessions I was happy with the results. I then got contacted by Victoria who said that Nikki believed that two additional sessions would give the “wow factor”. I’m not one for being sold to but I spoke to Nikki and she said that while she was extremely pleased with what had been achieved, there was a part of this belt that could be further reduced with two more sessions.

I hadn’t anticipated the additional cost or the fact that this would be a one-year project rather than a three-to-four month one, but I had a really good relationship with Nikki and there was a strong element of trust and so I decided to go for it. 

I had the third session a month ago and I’m very pleased with the results - I’ve achieved more than I actually anticipated in terms of shape. It has taken me back to the silhouette that I had in my 30s when I was pretty fit. I’m skinnier than when I was younger due to the inevitable decreased muscle mass that comes with age, but my waist has now really improved. The rigid line has gone completely, and if you grip the area you can’t feel the belt beneath my skin. The third treatment has already shown an impact, and there’s a difference from the front as well as the back. My last treatment will be in February.

I’m very impressed with Bella Vou as a whole. Everybody I’ve encountered has been positive and upbeat, but Nikki in particular was incredibly professional, very intelligent and I really trust her.


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