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Joining the marketing team as SEO Specialist, Rakhee's job is to generate high-quality leads through the strategic use of SEO and PPC channels. Rakhee’s aim is to ensure that potential patients are well-informed about the procedures they are interested in even before making enquiries, facilitating a better understanding of what to expect. Delving into the dynamic field of marketing is where Raquee feels the most fulfilled and where her passion thrives. 

Outside of work, Rakhee loves to explore; whether it be delving into the intricacies of work, savoring different cuisines, or engaging in games. Trekking has long been a love of Rakhee’s and since moving to the UK, she has enthusiastically embraced swimming as a newfound hobby.

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I quickly grasped the company's strong commitment to both its employees and patients. Initially, since moving to the UK, I felt a mix of excitement and apprehension about the prospect of adapting to new people, experiences, and a different domain. However, upon joining, I discovered that everyone at Bella Vou is not only caring but also friendly. The supportive and welcoming atmosphere has definitely made my transition a lot smoother.

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Professional Profile

With a Masters Degree in Computer Application, and over 12 years experience in digital marketing, including SEO, Performance Marketing, CRM, content optimization, Google Analytics, Search Console, and conversion rate analysis, Rakhee is somewhat of a digital expert. 

Throughout her career, she has worked across diverse domains such as Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), car rental, e-commerce, and search directories, providing her with a comprehensive understanding of industry dynamics. 

Prior to joining Bella Vou, Rakhee served as Deputy Manager in the marketing team at McDonald's, where her digital initiatives resulted in a remarkable 125% increase in revenue for McDelivery within just 8 months, showcasing her proficiency in driving digital success.

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