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Jade Reed



Registered General & Aesthetic Nurse

Jade is a registered Aesthetic & General nurse with a passion for skin care and facial aesthetics, dedicated to providing personalized care for her patients. After completing her General Nursing training at Brighton University, she focused on aesthetic nursing, expanding her expertise in facial aesthetics and skincare. Throughout her practice, Jade has developed a vast portfolio, devising a number of innovative techniques to achieve a reinvigorated and glowing, yet natural-looking, skin.

With a special interest in skin health and anti-aging treatments, Jade leverages her extensive knowledge of facial harmony and skin rejuvenation to create customized programs that enhance beauty at any age. Known as the clinic boffin, Jade constantly updates her expertise by attending training courses, conferences, webinars, and reviewing articles to stay at the forefront of her field.

Outside of work, Jade cherishes time with her loved ones, enjoys long walks with her adorable chocolate cockapoo, Gilbert, and has recently become Hot Pod Yoga obsessed!

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My aim is to enhance patients’ appearance, restoring confidence and self-esteem in a way that looks and feels natural. I want to help individuals transition from looking exhausted to radiant and refreshed, with glowing skin that reflects how they feel on the inside. 

At Bella Vou, we are committed to providing the best possible patient experience to everyone who walks through our doors. One of the most fulfilling aspects of my role as an Aesthetic and General Nurse is the ability to forge deep connections. Ensuring patients feel heard, valued, and understood is hugely rewarding and brings me immense satisfaction. 

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Professional Profile

Jade's healthcare journey commenced as a Student Nurse and Healthcare Assistant at East Sussex Healthcare NHS. During this period, she faced the challenges of the pandemic, working tirelessly in understaffed and overwhelmed environments. Jade's adaptability and collaboration with medical professionals contributed to achieving positive patient outcomes.

As a student, Jade embarked on an international nursing elective in Iloilo, Philippines, where she encountered unconventional practices, language barriers, and high-pressure situations. These experiences nurtured her innovative approach to patient care.

Prior to joining Bella Vou, Jade worked as an Aesthetics Nurse in Eastbourne, honing her skills through training with Derma Medical. Building an impressive portfolio, she now excels in conducting holistic consultations that prioritize the patient's needs, delivering natural and realistic treatments to restore volume loss and enhance skin health.

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