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Social Media Manager

As Social Media Manager, Aaron is the mastermind behind our social media presence. Working alongside Sabrina and Zak, Aarons role is to manage and create content that best emphasizes the work we do here and the impact this has on our patients. With degrees in both photography and digital communications, Aaron’s passion for photography and film is what led Aaron to become a content creator.

Outside of Bella Vou, Aaron loves to spend time outdoors and maintains an active lifestyle. Engaging regularly in professional BMX freestyle competitions both in and outside the UK, he stands as one of England's top riders, boasting multiple sponsorships. One of his most significant personal accomplishments to date is securing victory in the British BMX Championships, a moment feels most proud of, more so as he had his family present to support and witness the achievement.

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Working at Bella Vou is great for many reasons, but for me, the main one is being able to creatively capture content that best shows the patient's journey and hearing their stories in the process. Everyone who comes through the door has got a story to tell, no one experience is the same as the other.

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Professional Profile

Aarons has accumulated a variety of experience in creative capacities prior to joining Bella Vou, which has consistently revolved around media and creative positions. His background includes serving as a social media manager for photography studios, working as a videographer, photographer, and editor for Pretty Little Thing, and holding creative roles at Panasonic UK, including content creation for their socials.

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