Intimate Rejuvenation

As with every part of our body, the intimate areas also undergo changes. This can be through general ageing in both men and women, or changes related to child-birth and entering the menopause in women. As we age, the skin loses its elasticity and there is a reduction in collagen levels. This can lead to skin and underlying tissue heading south.

Intimate health rejuvenation is applying treatments to the female or male genital area to resolve or address aesthetic and/or functional concerns. Functional treatments to improve the pelvic floor function include kegel exercises and physiotherapy. This promotes urine continence and sexual health. Both men and women can benefit from kegel exercises as it helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which helps to support bladder, bowel and sexual function. In men this can benefit if you have urinary incontinence and if you dribble after urination – usually after you have left the toilet. In women, the pelvic floor is weakened through child-birth, weight gain, or ageing. Even athletes such as gymnasts, trampolines and runners or people who play high impact sports such as basketball or netball are at increased risk of developing pelvic floor problems. This is because of the excessive downward pressure that these sports place on the pelvic floor.

Aesthetic treatments can address the outward appearance of the genital area. This can be related to a lower hanging scrotum in men or a looser and empty labia majora in women. There are surgical and non-surgical options that can be used here to help address these concerns.

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