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I've been told you can not achieve the full affect of the face-lift under local anaesthetic and that the effects will not last. Is this true?

Our lead surgeon, Mr Amir Nakhdjevani, developed this procedure after listening to the concerns of patients on the various aspects of a face-lift procedure carried out in the traditional way (i.e) wanting reduced down-time; minimising bruising; keeping scars hidden and difficult to see.

The Concept™ Facelift is the same as a traditional facelift and involves SMAS (muscle) tightening. Results will last longer with SMAS tightening.

The same technique is carried out on our patients, whether they have surgery under local anaesthetic, sedation or a general anaesthetic. Hence, some of our patients are not suitable for  surgery under local anaesthetic will undergo the same technique under the other forms of anaesthetic. It is not the anaesthetic that makes the face-lift but the technique we have developed and continually refine.

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