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Do You Need a Concept™ Facelift?

Have you ever had that moment walking past a mirror at home, or catch your reflection as you walk past a shop window and noticed deep lines, sagging, or creases on your face that you hadn’t noticed before? Then it suddenly dawns on you… you’re getting old! You keep staring at the mirror trying to tell yourself that those wrinkles aren’t there but as much as you look and hope, those wrinkles aren’t going anywhere.

Some of us find ageing an easy thing to embrace, but in a world where we are constantly being told we don’t look good enough it’s quite normal to feel like you aren’t quite beautiful enough. Beauty is all about how you feel, not necessarily how you look. However, at the end of the day you will not feel beautiful in yourself unless you are comfortable and happy with the way you look.

As we age, beauty products such as mascara, lipstick, eye-shadow, blusher, foundation, eyeliner, fake tan and moisturising anti-ageing lotions become an essential part of our daily routine. They’re our best effort to help us feel better about the way we look, but it it can be exhausting! How much better would our day be without having to get up extra early to look ‘presentable’ on the school run?!

The good news is that there are more long lasting and effective alternatives to help you counter the effects of ageing and finally say goodbye to those lines…. and your make up!

The Concept™ Facelift:

Facelifts are more popular than ever, with an endless list of celebrities leading the trend. However, contrary to common thought, you don’t need to have a celebrity pay packet to have a facelift of your own. If you are tired of looking tired, a Concept™ Facelift might be the effortless solution to a younger looking you. We all want to feel confident in our appearance and a facelift will help you to not only look great on the outside but feel great on the inside, too.

Benefits of having a Concept~™ Facelift:

  • Tightening facial muscles
  • Repairing loose skin
  • Improving facial contours
  • Boosting self-confidence
  • Minimal Scarring
  • Long lastings results
  • Young and fresh final results
  • No bandages, drains or staples used
  • Significantly faster recovery than traditional facelift techniques

Reasons why you might need a Facelift?

  • Skin thinning and losing the elasticity it once had
  • Loss of muscle tone
  • Facial volume reduction and a gradual drop in facial soft tissues gives the appearance of tiredness
  • Deep wrinkles of the neck and face
  • A general lack of vitality and aged look beyond our years begin to start showing
  • Less defined chin and sagging neck

If you’ve never explored the possibility of a facelift then specialists Bella Vou can help. Begin the journey to getting your more youthful looks back by getting in touch to arrange your free consultation.

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