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4 In 10 Brits Consider Plastic Surgery!

According to a recent survey, a whopping four in ten Brits are considering having plastic surgery. This comes as no surprise to us, as new methods and innovative techniques such as the Concept Facelift™ have made it easier than ever before to achieve your desired look.

Out of a study of 2000 Brits, the 3 most popular reasons for cosmetic surgery are:

  1. Boost self-confidence
  2. Help them find a partner
  3. Look like their favourite celebrity

While romantic success isn’t necessarily guaranteed as a result of a cosmetic surgery, it is clear that cosmetic procedures can leave you feeling confident about yourself and your appearance and certainly give you a better chance.

An astonishing 1 in 10 consider plastic surgery to look like their favourite celebrity. So what female celebrity has the most sought after look?

  1. Jennifer Anniston
  2. Angelina Jolie
  3. Michelle Keegan
  4. Kate Middleton
  5. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini

The study of 2000 Brits found four in ten would think about going under the knife, with 33 percent considering it now or in the near future. But what procedures are most popular?

  1. Breast enlargements
  2. Nose jobs
  3. Cosmetic dentistry
  4. Breast lifts
  5. Arm lifts

Whatever your motivation may be, cosmetic surgery is on the rise. With millions of adults throughout Britain considering going under the knife and a third saying they have seriously looked into it; are you missing a trick? Get in touch with Bella Vou today and find out how cosmetic surgery can help you.

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