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Worried about how you look in your nether regions?

A surprisingly common question – Are you worried about how you look in your nether regions? You are absolutely not alone. Many women apparently go for cosmetic surgery on their vaginal lips believing they don’t look right when, in fact, what they have below the water line is perfectly normal.

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Researchers from UCL Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Institute of Women’s Health (EGAIWH), in the United States, found that only a very small proportion of women who requested labial reduction surgery really need it. Many are well within the normal range.

For this study, the women who requested surgery were examined by a gynae to have the width and length of their labia minora or inner lips measured and compared with what is considered standard. The research team found that all the women had normal measurements, with a right labia minora average width of 26.9mm, and a left labia minora average width of 24.8mm. Despite being reassured that they were within the normal range, 40% of women still wanted to go ahead with surgery.

If you are still unconvinced, perhaps this will help. With surgery, you are risking infection, bruising and bleeding. You are also at risk of nerve damage. Is it difficult to reach an orgasm now? It could be even more difficult if your nerves are damaged during the surgery. Added to this, there may be significant scarring as a result of the procedure.

So unless your labia are causing you discomfort, it may not be worth the risk!

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