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Why going commando could be good for your vagina

New York women’s health expert and Gynaecologist, Dr. Donnica Moore has warned that wearing underwear can increase the risk of women devolving vaginal infections. Moore says that a build-up of heat and sweat due to lack of airflow creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. If your underwear is made of lace or a non-breathable material, the risks can be increased. The materials can also irritate the delicate skin of your vagina and can be responsible for causing rashes and allergic reactions.

It’s not always good to have your lady parts locked up. They need air like all other parts of your body.

Dr. Donnica Moore New York women’s health expert and Gynaecologist
Woman hiding in bushes in commando mode

Dr Moore recommends that you go commando whenever possible. Of course, this may not always be easy as most of us would prefer to keep our lady gardens under wraps, especially if we’re wearing a dress or skirt.

Going commando under tight jeans and trousers also doesn’t allow air to circulate and the seams could cause small nicks in the skins and create portals for bacteria, so why not try wearing a night dress to bed with no panties or just try putting your robe on after a shower for an hour whilst getting ready each day. Also, some fabrics are kinder to this area than others such as cotton which allows the area to breathe better whilst synthetic panties can increase your risk of bacterial yeast infections such as Thrush (Candida).

Taking care of your vagina

Woman looking inside her underwear inspecting her vagina

The bacteria in your vagina is carefully balanced and when tipped you could develop infections such as Thrush (Candida) and BV (Bacterial Vaginosis). These conditions can be exacerbated by using perfumed soaps and body washes in that area and wearing synthetic underwear.

To help ensure the PH balance of your vagina try switching to cotton underwear, use perfume free products in that area and give your vagina some
breathing space every now and then.

If you have noticed any changes down below and are concerned, please contact your General Practitioner who will be able to rule out any imbalances by taking a swab inside the vaginal area and sending it to a laboratory to be tested.

What if my labia are causing discomfort, would I be suitable for Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty, or Labia Reduction Surgery, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that involves modifying the size or shape of large or uneven labia. It is natural to have folds of skin around the opening of the vagina and for most, this does not cause any discomfort.

Watch this video to see lead surgeon Amir Nakhdjevani explain about the Labiaplasty procedure.

The appearance of the labia varies in colour, size and shape between individuals and may continue to grow past puberty and into adulthood. The labia can also change with childbirth and with age; labia reduction surgery permanently reverses this.

If you are concerned about your labia you can book in for a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons who will be able to answer all your questions whilst ensuring to maintain your dignity and confidentiality.

What are the different surgical methods for Labiaplasty?

There are many different methods of labiaplasty (labia reduction), the most commonly used method are the trim or wedge methods.

During your consultation, your surgeon will assess your individual needs and recommend the type of surgical method that will be best suited for you. Your surgeon will also be able to answer any of your questions regarding the procedure itself and aftercare.

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