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Why are more men turning to cosmetic surgery?

Male cosmetic surgery procedures are on the rise.

Have you heard your partner complain about being unhappy with his body? Maybe they’re suffering from hair loss or they’re concerned about a sudden onset of wrinkles? Would you like to help him overcome his insecurities, but not sure how to broach the subject of the possibility of cosmetic surgery with him?

In recent years men have taken an added interest in the way they look and are also being affected by the ageing process. Some men no longer feel that they ‘just get better with age’ and are feeling under more pressure to take care of themselves. Just take a look in their bathroom cabinet to see an added interest in lotions and potions that have replaced the standard ‘bar of soap and hair wax’ combination. Alternatively, you may well notice that your expensive anti-ageing cream seems to be disappearing faster than normal?

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With men also feeling the pressure from the media to ‘look good’ last year the cosmetic surgery industry saw a rise in males opting for Tummy Tucks and Rhinoplasty (nose jobs), but ultimately there was a steep increase in men opting for non-surgical treatments such as Hair Loss Treatment, botox and Dermal Fillers.

Traditionally men would be ridiculed for taking any interest in their looks beyond a bit of aftershave, but it is now becoming acceptable with the beauty industry specifically targeting males and often creating beauty ranges specifically targeted for their skin types that some feel more comfortable to admit to taking an interest in their looks, with others opting to keep it a secret for fear of ridicule.

Understandably, procedures such as a Scrotal Uplift and Gynaecomastia, or ‘moobs’, surgeries would be a subject most men would feel uncomfortable talking about or seeking medical help for. So how can you help?

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Discussion is key

Wait until he brings the subject up or mentions his concerns with you. Talk to him and explain that feeling insecure about your looks is perfectly natural. Compliment him and explain that you love him the way that he is, but that you have heard him talk about his concerns on several occasions and that if he is truly unhappy with his body and it’s affecting his life to this level of concern there are options open to him. If he automatically shuts the topic of conversation down, leave it there and wait for him to bring it up again as he might need time to mull it over.

In the meantime, do your research, understand the procedure he is interested in and gather information for him to read over when his interest is expressed. Explain that you will be there to help him through it and that he can opt to see a male surgeon and any procedure carried out will be with the strictest confidentiality.

If he decides to proceed and wants the surgery to remain confidential with work, family and friends, get an action plan together for him such as, speaking to your surgeon about the length of time he will need to take off work in order to hide any physical signs of surgery like bruises or pain and reassure him that you will be there to support him through the process.

If you would like more information talk to our team of dedicated specialists who can help you plan your partner’s journey.

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