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Wave Good-Bye to Bingo Wings

When you wave do you feel like your whole arm waves with you? Maybe it’s time to get those wings clipped! The festive season is fast approaching, so whether it’s attending your work christmas party or celebrating the new year with loved ones; you will want to dress to impress. The festive party season is a time to feel sexy in your little black dress, not covered up in long sleeve baggy dresses in fear of your bingo wings being photographed and shared all over social media!

Bella Vou can help you Banish those bingo wings!

Arm lift surgery (also known as brachioplasty) provides the perfect solution and could change your life in an instant. Whether your arms are hanging low because of weight loss, ageing or hereditary reasons, we can turn the sagging skin on your arm into a slimmer, toned, more contoured look. The thought of going ‘under the knife’ to some people can be a scary thought, but there is no reason to fear! Cosmetic surgery is proven to be a safe and effective solution which will finally eliminate baggage you do not want to carry around any longer!

Benefits of Arm Lift Surgery:

  • Shapes and tones upper arms
  • Long lastings results
  • Improvement in self confidence / self esteem
  • Improvement in the appearance of the arms
  • Lighter feeling arms
  • Walk in Walk out procedure
  • Clothing to fit better

Arm lift surgery is an excellent step towards the toned and proportioned body you’ve always wanted! There are many physical and mental benefits as to why people choose to proceed with arm lift surgery. Fortunately this new and advanced technique used by cosmetic specialists at Bella Vou will give you the results you’ve been waiting for. Finally, we all have a realistic solution to get rid of those unwanted wings!

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Last Updated: November 3, 2015

Published On: November 3, 2015

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