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Ultrasound Repair For Hair – Fad or Fab?

Apparently, sound waves are the way forward for glossy, healthy hair… really?! Have you been trying to grow your locks for longer than a year and struggling? Sometimes you get to the point where it starts looking out of control, so you have it cut again and the cycle continues! Would you let it grow no matter how crazy it looks?

The Japanese Diamond System (JDS), promises ‘superior hair repair’ by means of ultrasound tech to get you through the in-between growing stage. Sounds like a miracle!

So who is it for?

It’s specifically recommended for those growing their hair, or those with damaged and over processed tresses. As soon as you hit the chair you are told this will do wonders for your hair, making it shiny, healthier and easier to manage. The treatment was developed originally for Japanese hair which is coarser and thicker in texture than European hair – so much so that conditioner has little effect on hair of that type – so it’s great for unruly and thick too. Hair strobing is a thing!

What is it?

There are three steps to this system. First, after two thorough scalp-cleansing shampoos, the hair is combed from roots to ends with a product packed with nourishing oils such as argan, jojoba and damascan oil. This is to repair any damage to the hair cuticle. Second step involves the ultrasound, which seals the product in and ensures the ingredients penetrate the cuticle right through to the cortex of each individual hair strand. It is time consuming as it involves the hairdresser placing every section of hair on a piece of clear Perspex and running a handheld device over each one. While this is going on you get to sit back and relax reading the latest issue of Hello. Last but not least is a nourishing mask that is left on for around ten minutes.

Does it work?

Will you have healthier looking hair than when you first walked in to the salon? Yes, you certainly will. One customer testing this procedure said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen my hair this shiny and so well behaved. The treatment has revamped my dull colour as a bonus, which I didn’t expect. It does not use heat or chemicals like keratin treatments do, so there’s no damage to the hair, and you can choose to use any hair styling products on your hair afterwards. Results should last for about eight weeks – if they do, I’ll certainly be first in line to have the treatment again!”

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Last Updated: May 18, 2016

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