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What treatments should you now be considering if you want to be 'Summer' ready?

You are not alone if like most people you made a New Years resolution only to have already found that the strict new diet or fitness regime you put yourself on is almost impossible to keep up due to your busy lifestyle.

If your end goal was to ultimately look good in your bathing suit on the beach in the summer, then all hope is not lost. Although, we strongly recommend that all our patients eat sensibly and exercise regularly, we understand that there are areas of the body that may have been affected by ageing or other factors such as childbirth, and that no amount of dieting or exercise will give you the body you desire.

Some of us, whilst covered up in layers of clothing due to the cold weather tend to not think too much about how our bodies will look in the summer. It isn’t until the layers come off and we want to wear those strappy tops or swap trousers for skirts that we become conscious of the way our body looks.

If you are considering having cosmetic surgery, when would be the best time to go ahead?

There is no real ‘right or wrong’ time to have cosmetic surgery, only when it is right for you. We would always recommend that the most important thing is that you can take the time from work to recover and depending on the procedure, that you have someone to help you in the first few days. If, however your goal is to be ready for this summer then now is the time to start thinking about taking the first steps and having an initial consultation with one of our plastic surgeons.

Some procedures have a longer recovery time than others due to the nature of the surgery and some non-surgical procedures may need multiple treatments, so it’s worth bearing this in mind if you have a specific end date goal.

Which non-surgical procedures are best performed in the winter months?

If you want to keep your surgery a secret from others, then the best time of year to have your procedure is the colder months as you will be able to hide your surgery with layers of clothing. Here are just some of the procedures that are worth considering now and why:


Unsightly thread veins can be found appearing all over the body, but are particularly noticeable on the leg or face area. They are treated by a solution being injected directly into the vein causing them to shrink. You will initially have bruising after the procedure and will need to wear tights or support stockings for a number of weeks after having the treatment, which can be impractical in the warmer summer months. You may also need more than one treatment.

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel involves the application of a chemical solution to the skin, which causes it to exfoliate and eventually peel off. Chemical peel treatment effectively combats wrinkles, lines, acne scars and rough skin and reveals refreshed and regenerated skin after treatment which is smoother and more radiant. Depending on the type of chemical peel you choose, you may be required to have more than one treatment over a recommended period of time to ensure optimal results and your skin will have increased sensitivity to the sun whilst healing so we would recommend you wear an SPF and avoid direct sunlight.

Breast Surgery

Although breast surgery can be performed at any time throughout the year, if you would like to have your final results in time for wearing a bikini in the summer it would be recommended to consider having your surgery 3-6 months prior to the summer to allow the breasts to settle into place. It is also not advised to have your surgical scars in direct sunlight until they have fully healed.

Tummy Tuck

As we age our abdominal muscles stretch and separate; the skin gradually loses elasticity and often stretch marks can appear on your flanks and lower abdomen. Fluctuations in weight as a result of pregnancy or weight loss can sometimes cause redundant tissue and fatty deposits to stubbornly remain. For many people this can cause low self-esteem and make them self-conscious about what they can wear, and how they look especially when it comes to baring their midriff area in the summer months.

If you would like a flatter stomach in time for the summer, then you may want to consider starting your surgical journey now. Watch our patient Jane talk about her journey with us and see her incredible before and after results.

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Last Updated: January 26, 2018

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