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To nip or to tuck, that is the question?

We all know the common boob job or liposuction procedures can change the way you look, but will they (and other cosmetic surgeries) give you the confidence you crave after going under the knife? How you feel about you is from within – a small change to the outward appearance may give you a boost, however, it will not change whether you love or hate yourself.

Are you contemplating cosmetic surgery? Talk to yourself – you may get some surprising answers!

Take some time out to work through learning to love who you are from the inside before you embark on changing the outside.

Ask yourself the following before undertaking any cosmetic surgery treatments:

  • Have I thought through why I want to go under the knife and have I looked at all other options, such as therapy?
  • Have I researched the limitations and potential complications of the surgery that I’m considering?
  • What experience and qualifications does my surgeon have?
  • Do I know where the surgery will be carried out and what my aftercare will be?

When you have answered these simple questions, only then should you consider moving forward with any procedure you may want. For further information on cosmetic treatments, or to speak to a qualified surgeon contact Bella Vou today.

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Last Updated: March 4, 2016

Published On: March 4, 2016

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