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Tired of your Tattoo?

Have you fallen out of love with your tattoo? Wishing that drunken mistake or spare of the moment decision never happened? Tattoos can be seen as a constant reminder of your youth as well spontaneous decisions which can cause constant distress. If you feel like you constantly have to hide your body ink under layers of clothing then tattoo removal may be for you.

Tattoo removal can make you feel like your life has started again on a clean slate. One thing none of us want to see is constant reminders of the past permanently fixed on our skins.

So what surgical options are there for permanent Tattoo Removal?

Single Operation Tattoo Removal

Depending on the size, shape and position of the tattoo it can be possible to remove the tattoo with one single operation. Flexibility in the skin is needed around the tattoo, as it would need to be possible to cut around the tattoo and draw the cut skin edges together with stitches.

Staged Tattoo Removal

Where removal of the whole tattoo would leave a gap in your skin, and fail to be drawn together very easily with stitches, then staged surgery can be used. A comfortable amount of the tattoo is removed to allow stitching of the wound. Once you have recovered from that surgery, the skin would have stretched enough to allow another portion of the tattoo to be removed.

Skin Grafting Tattoo Removal

This form of surgery is used as an alternative to staged tattoo removal, and involves taking skin from area of your body, and used to fill in a gap which cannot be drawn together with stitches. This can be completed in one surgery, although it does leave a second mark/scar on the body (where the skin graft has been taken from).

Tattoo Removal specialists at Bella Vou offer both a safe yet effective tattoo removal treatment. So if you are tired of hiding away and want to forget the past and move on into the future, then come and see what Bella Vou can do for you.

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