The RealCare Promise by RealSelf

Bella Vou have been honoured for excellent patient service with the RealCare Promise Badge.

In addition, to our lead surgeon Mr Amir Nakhdjevani being named as one of the world’s top influencers in cosmetic medicine by Realself for the second year running.

The RealCare Promise badge is presented by RealSelf, the leading online community that helps people make confident choices about elective cosmetic procedures. Physicians who earn the designation must be part of the RealSelf reviewer network and agree to be timely with appointments, transparent with costs of treatments, and treat patients with respect.

Bella Vou are proud to stand by these values given by Realself based on what real people have told RealSelf is most important to them.

What you can expect from us

RealCare by RealSelf: Timely


  • We responded to your initial consultation request within two business days.
RealCare by RealSelf: Transparent


Prior to your treatment, we:

  • Gave you a clear cost estimate.
  • Explained anticipated recovery time, aftercare needs, and follow-up visits.
  • Encouraged you to share your experience on RealSelf.
  • Explained your payment due dates and any available payment plans.
  • Educated you on potential risks, benefits, and alternatives.
  • Gave you a list of necessary recovery supplies (including any you need to buy).
  • Talked about the medical circumstances in which you may require a revision, including:
    • How long you’d need to wait before a decision to revise.
    • Which revision costs would be covered by us.
RealCare by RealSelf: Trusted


We also:

  • Treated you with respect.
  • Asked your permission for any promotional use of your before and after photos.
  • Confirmed which provider would perform your procedure.
The Bella Vou team

The Bella Vou team

Stevie Gillan

Stevie Gillan

Lisa Wakeman

Lisa Wakeman

Angel Baker

Angel Baker