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Concept Facelift and Necklift

From the moment you step into Bella Vou’s clinic, the staff are very welcoming to put you at your ease and make you comfortable.

I had the Concept facelift and necklift and on the morning of the operation, Dr Amir Nakhdjevani was very reassuring. He’s performed many of these operations and I felt quite confident everything would go according to plan. The local anaesthetic injections were a little uncomfortable but I’ve had more pain at the dentist! Unbeliveably, he and his colleague Will, chatted to you while they worked away. The operation took roughly 2 ½ hrs and after a much wanted coffee, I was free to go home. I did have some swelling and slight bruising on one side but after a week or so, the swelling and bruising disappeared. My ears and earlobes gave me some discomfort over the next 10-11 days but with paracetamol and Ibruprofen they greatly eased. Now after just over a fortnight, I haven’t taken any pain killers at all.

Dr Amir achieves a natural look, the face you want without being stretched or pulled into some of the disastrous facelifts of many celebrities we all see. None of us feel the age we are and now I see my own face without the excess skin and jowls and every week I’ll see an improvement. I can’t recommend Dr Amir Nakhdjevani enough for his kindness, friendly easy going manner and his highly skilled expertise. Thank you

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