Wanted the Face of the Person I Felt Like… Not the one for my Age (61) – Tonbridge, Kent

12th November 2016

I have been looking at different procedures and surgeons to perform that on me. It has taken a few years to come to the point of having it done. When I saw Amir's pioneering 'Concept' Face lift it was the one for me!!! along with the neck lift too. Without any doubt what so ever. The procedure is performed under local anaesthetic (so awake throughout) no down time and quicker recovery times too.
My jowls and turkey neck were getting too much, as I caught my profile in a mirror a few months ago it was a decision I needed to make..... so decided "it's time!!"
Made an appointment for a consultation with Amir in October 2016 then a month later (as had a cancellation! ) I was booked in.
That is all history now, as my date for my transformation was 10th November 2016 (yes two days ago!) I cannot believe it has come and gone. Not one regret!
I look in the mirror now and see the person I have felt like... for a long long time. Thank you Amir and all the staff at Bella Vou Tonbridge Wells Kent. You are amazing!!

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