Very pleased , My turkey neck gone.

16th March 2017

EXCELLENT experience. Travelled 1 1/2 hours to Tunbridge Wells with my husband yesterday for a procedure with Amir Nakhdjevani. Parked two minutes away. Much easier than Harley St. Everybody very friendly and had tea with yummy biscuit while waiting which was lovely as I was pretty terrified. Everything went smoothly with some discomfort but very nice nurse Carol was there to hold my hand. Would give Amir and clinic 100% for everything. The clinic is lovely, he is lovely and TOTALLY confident which is the main thing.

Worse part was driving home. Traffic terrible and extremely and unexpectedly hot, couldn't wait to hop into bed and relax. Difficult to sleep upright which was expected. Had planned for a lot worse but it's the day after and I feel absolutely fine. My husband has just checked my stitches and said they are healing remarkably well. There has been no oozing at all. I have been taking the pain killers they gave me but, apart from a very tight feeling in my neck and a slight tingling of my ears, I feel great. I am still in bed and look like a meerkat according to hubbie cos I'm peering over my neck tape I have some swelling which will gradually subside. Too early to see final result but am delighted so far. Have tape on chin whic i will remove tomorrow. Haven't showered yet.

I think it is so difficult to find a really good surgeon and feel so fortunate to have found Amir. I think he is extremely talented, a perfectionistotal and a very nice man. The night before my procedure I stupidly read online all the stories of women who had bad experiences and really didn't know what to expect. I will post another review next week when everything has settled down but at this moment I am very very happy with the results.

DAY 2 Last night was horrible. My ears were burning. Just couldn't sleep so took a sleeping pill. Thought I might turn onto my side and ruin everything but all okay. This morning, took off tape from my under my chin and there is a big scar. Hopefully this will fade but as it's right under my chin in the middle and not visible it's not a problem. I'm staying in bed as I'm still groggy from the pill which I took at 2h20 this morning. My neck is fantastic. I can't believe all the awful, hanging skin is gone. It's a kinda pity that the swelling will recede as I have no wrinkles on my face and the skin on my chin is fantastic which it hasn't been for years due to treatment for eczema. God that doctor is fantastic.

It's 2 days and I look fine. When I look at and read about all the experiences under really popular, extremely expensive surgeons (hospital stay, weeks down time) I feel blessed to have found Amir Nakhdjevani. Haven't mentioned scarring round my ears and hairline. That will be there for a long time I guess. I could go shopping and my hair would cover it but that's totally to be expected so I'm not particularly worried. I look great, neck transformed - Yeh, so very happy bunny.

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