Twenty Years Younger! Tunbridge Wells, GB

7th May 2016

After losing my husband, I thought my life had ended. I looked and felt dreadful. My husband and I had discussed the possibility of me having a facelift however, I have always been terrified of going under a general anaesthetic, being out of control; the lengthy recovery of the facelift also put me off, i did not want to be swathed in bandages with drains adding to the 'train-wreck' look . Five years after being widowed, I decided it was time to move on, Peter would want me to. A friend, who had had surgery with Amir, highly recommended him and I was relieved, where do you start looking, it is difficult enough to find a reliable DIY man or plumber!
I cannot describe how personable and thorough the entire team is, Amir spent an hour with me at consultation, everyone went out of their way to make me feel comfortable, with great kindness and professionalism.
Communication between the initial appointment and surgery was incredibly helpful, the team are very responsive and make a real effort to ensure a quick response to questions.
I was terrified on the day of surgery, not having told a soul, other than my dear friend who agreed to care for me during recovery. My fears were unfounded, although the local anaesthetic injections were slightly uncomfortable, the two hours flew by, with much laughter, Amir has quite a sense of humour.
Home by lunch, I slept for an hour, no pain, just a tight feeling across my cheeks and neck. Soup for dinner, chewing was a bit tiring. The first night was a tad uncomfortable, but still no pain, sleeping on my back was not ideal.
Looking in the mirror the next morning was quite an experience. No swelling, no bruising! Instead, the jowls were gone, my cheeks fuller and more youthful, I look fresh and well, more youthful. I cannot stop smiling!
Lisa called me the morning after surgery, as they do for all their patients, we had a good giggle about all the reasons I would give friends and family, when asked about my new look.
Almost two months on, i feel like a new woman, refreshed and revived, with restored confidence. Friends and family are suspicious about my new zest for life, and are convinced I have a secret lover, but little do they know, it was the 'little something' I did for myself. And in case you are guessing... I have found a rather special gentleman (and he's six years younger)!

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