To Anyone Hesitating – DON’T. The Outcome is Amazing!!!

25th September 2018

Having dithered for about 5 years about having a facelift someone recommended Amir Nakhdjevani and I went for a consultation. Amir explained the procedure for his Concept Facelift which is unique and I knew he was the surgeon for me and felt in very safe hands.

I decided on having the facelift with local anaesthetic rather than under a general and although it is not for the faint hearted it is just unpleasant ( you can hear everything that is going on) but there is no pain .The worst part are the injections at the beginning but they are just uncomfortable and not very nice.

After about two and a half hours I heard the joyous words "I have finished" and Amir brought a mirror. I could not believe my eyes. Other than swelling (which is the liquid that has been injected to stop bruising and goes after a few days )I had no bruising and looked 15 years younger and am THRILLED with all my friends/family's reactions. Wherever I go I am told how well I look which is the goal I was achieving. No tightness as you see with some facelifts just a more youthful look.

I was very lucky and suffered no pain just a bit of discomfort for the first 12 hours. THANK YOU AMIR !!!

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