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dk.taylor 1st April 2017 Concept™ Facelift

I would like to share my experience to help anyone considering plastic surgery with Amir. I have been to many consultations over the past 12 years, none of the surgeons gave me the confidence to go ahead. I was told of Amir's new concept facelift by my now best friend and I immediately booked a consultation.

Amir explained the procedure and was confident that I would have a good result, he didn't suggest extra work as others had done. I went ahead and booked for the following month that day, as I felt so confident in him. The result was beyond my expectations with very little discomfort.

I had a concept face lift, neck lift upper and lower eyes and earlobe reduction. My care at the hospital was fantastic I was constantly asked if I needed pain relieve or eye pads I couldn't believe how little discomfort I had.

I left the hospital the next day with just dark glasses and a week later I was out shopping. Amir is clearly a gifted surgeon, enthusiastic, passionate about his work and clearly loves making women look and Feel more beautiful.

A big thank you to all his staff who clearly love working with him and share in his achievements. Doreen Taylor.

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