Scrotoplasty with Dr Amir Nakhdjevani

As a baby I had a bodged circumcision resulting in scroto/penile web (turkey neck) followed years later by a bodged attempt to remove the web which left me with scaring. I appreciate it is "all in the mind", but I hated the way I looked!

Prior to contacting Bella Vou I approached a few other practices that offered Scrotoplasty, none gave me the same feeling of confidence as Bella Vou did.

From my first nervous enquires to the procedure and aftercare I have nothing but praise for Mr Amir Nakhdjevani and his team. I felt totally at ease and all the staff who were exceptionally friendly and helpful throughout my whole experience.

Amir while very professional, is very approachable and understanding which made it easy to discuss my problems without feeling inhibited. There was no pressure and following the initial consultation with Amir, I had no doubt that he was the surgeon for me. It is now nearly three weeks since I had my operation.

I am delighted with the results so far - web and scar tissue successfully removed and at last I am looking normal - I can already say it was the best thing I have done in a long time.

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